Home Security
Home Security

As a homeowner, security is on the things on top of your mind at any time. Home security covers not only the occupants but also the property and all items in and outside your home. Research shows 20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point. It is thus imperative to take steps to secure your home using available techniques on the market. Research shows that homes with smart security systems suffer fewer security breaches. This should inspire you to look at available security solutions.

This article explores some effective techniques to bolster your home’s security and protect your family. Keep reading.

1. Install Security Screens

Security screens are your first line of defense because they protect the point of entry to your home. The best security screen doors feature recessed hardware that is tamper-proof. The locks and deadbolts hold securely in the jamb. Burglars always attack the easy to open doors and windows, and if you install the best quality screen, you will keep away unwanted attention from your home.

Security screen bolsters privacy and deters illegal entry
Security screen bolsters privacy and deters illegal entry

2. Install a Decal Decoy

It is a simple technique that has worked for ages, and you should try it for your home. Security system decals deter crime by frightening burglars who always look for an easy target. It is a deterrent that works even when you don’t have a home security system.

Security system decal decoy can deter crime
Security system decal decoy can deter crime

3. Install A Smart Home Security System

If you have no security system in your house, it is time to invest in one. The modern home security system comes with advanced features including remote access and control, video access, alarm system, heat and motion sensors among others.

Home security camera can give you peace of mind
A home security camera can give you peace of mind

They can link to the security company or the law enforcement in your area in case of a security breach. A home security system gives you peace of mind, and you can go about your business knowing the property is safe. Burglaries mostly occur during the day while people are at work, according to a Report in the Guardian, hence the need for constant security monitoring.

4. Smart Landscaping

When landscaping, consider planting thorny bushes under windows to deter burglars who would use them for support or cover. It is also important to keep shrubbery near windows well-trimmed to avoid making it a hiding place for burglars. Landscaping lighting can also play a part in enhancing security as you can install motion-activated lights to scare away intruders.

Neat landscaping denies burglars cover
Neat landscaping denies burglars cover

5. Reinforce Entry Points

Some door and window systems work well for aesthetics, but when it comes to security, they can easily allow burglars. You should talk to a licensed contractor to reinforce all the entry points in your home using a sturdy metal or solid wood. Using smart locks and burglar-resistant glass for the doors and windows is also a great move to keep your home safe.

6. Hide Valuables

You should move away from precious stuff away from the windows to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Burglars sometimes survey their target through windows, and if they can’t find anything precious, they will not waste time breaking into your house. This is why you should always lock doors and windows when leaving your house. Don’t make it easy for intruders to spot your valuables because they will go to any lengths to get such items.

7. Stay Safe When in the House

Many home attacks occur when the owners are at home. It is important to protect yourself when inside the house by locking all doors and setting the alarm system. If you have a doorbell, always make sure you can tell who is on the other side before opening the door.

In 2017, there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, or one every 3 minutes and this makes it necessary to protect your family. If you want to bolster security in your home, you have to take proactive steps. Avoid exposing yourself on social media, make your privacy a priority and always set the alarm system when leaving the house. Remember there might be someone watching waiting for you to drop your guard to attack. By installing the best security screens, you will bolster privacy and security in your home and keep everyone safe.