Upgrading Your Living Room
Upgrading Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is where the family gathers and in this room is the scene of many important decisions. This is also the room where you welcome guests, and for this reason, you need to decorate it in the most welcoming manner. The state of your living room reflects your family’s personality, and you need to put a lot of thought into every aspect of the décor. If you haven’t spruced your living room for some time, it is time for an upgrade, and there are incredible ideas available.

Small upgrades to your home not only makes it more comfortable but also increase value according to a report on news.com.

1. Invest In a Leather Lounge

Leather furniture is a classic, and you will always find it trending among the best decorating ideas. Leather lounges ooze class and elegance, and they add a dash of classic style to your living room. The leather is a natural material, and it adds an authentic touch to your décor making the room more welcoming.

If you are after an upgrade idea that makes your living room more charming, you should consider leather seats that easily blend with the rest of the room’s décor.

2. Spice up the Lighting

If you still use old lamps in your living room, it is time to bring the decor to life through modern lighting ideas. You can create flair with a geometric light fixture or add other contemporary light fixtures including wall lights, furniture lights, recessed lights, ornate scones, functional task lighting, festoon lights, chandeliers, accent light for the ceiling, built-in accent lights among other innovative ideas.

3. Reconfigure The Layout

If you have never changed the layout of your living room, it is time to do something about it. It is a huge task, but the impressive results are worth the trouble. Reconfiguring involves moving around the furniture to make better use of the space and the lighting. Most homeowners settle for the same familiar idea, but you can bring in a home decorator to get a new objective perceptive. The new layout will blow your mind.

4. Create a Gallery Wall

When visitors come to your home, they first notice the walls because these are the prominent part of the décor. If the living walls are plain and bland, the entire room will appear dull. You can spice up things by creating a gallery wall. This is a cheap idea to give the room a much-needed personality.

For instance, you can add family portraits prints, old record covers or any other beautiful personal materials that will add color to the room.

5. Think of House Plants

This is not an idea that crosses the mind of most homeowners, yet houseplants have multiple benefits. They not only add an aesthetic touch to the living room but also improve indoor air quality by eliminating VOCs and other impurities in the air. Such plants include Spider Plant, Jade Plant., Peace Lily, Yucca Gloriosa, African Violet, Aloe Vera among others. Place the plant in a vantage point of the room’s décor to draw the eye.

6. Upgrade the Flooring

The floor is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home’s décor yet it plays a big role. If you have used the same flooring material for years, it is time to consider an upgrade to a safer, more durable and easy to maintain option. Consider ceramic tiles, marble, vinyl, hardwood flooring, travertine, porcelain tile, new carpeting, engineered boards among others floor options.