Wood Fired Pizza photo by Emily Austin ( empowers_photography) on Unsplash
Wood Fired Pizza photo by Emily Austin ( empowers_photography) on Unsplash

An outdoor pizza oven is just perfect to bake at home. If you want to spend your day with your friends and family, then it’s a great idea to enjoy. The outdoor pizza ovens are very famous nowadays because it’s quite easy to bake pizza. Its cooking time has decreased, and you can wash it easily.

When you bake your pizza in the hot wood-fired oven, then it would be a very tasty pizza! The following are some useful guidelines on choosing an outdoor pizza oven.


There’re two kinds of the fuelled outdoor ovens. A wood-burning oven is the traditional one. It is very famous as well. Gas burning ovens are becoming famous. These ovens are great for the parties and add more flavor to your food.

A wood-fired oven contains a burning timber. It would need more of your attention while cooking your pizza in it. You have to make sure that there is fuel & the temperature is the same when you are cooking. You need to be cautious while placing your oven to ensure that this must get ventilation properly. Plus, you should monitor how much the smoke is there while cooking your pizza. The wood-burning oven needs more maintenance and attention. It reaches a high temperature quickly while cooking & its smoke enhances the flavor of your food.

A gas-fired oven is probably simpler to light as well as control. Also, you do not need to worry regarding lighting wood & ensuring you’ve got enough fuel while cooking a pizza. This kind of oven needs less attention as compared to fuel ovens that’s why these are more famous in commercial use. Instead of continuously monitoring your oven, the staff members might do other kitchen stuff. Gas does mean that you have a consistent temperature for a long period; hence the gas-fired ovens are more trustworthy.

Oven Capacity & Size

The outdoor pizza ovens are not like of 1 standard size that can fit all appliances. Also, they are of several sizes and models available in the market. A small-sized oven occupies less space. It works perfectly for the small terraces and patios. It also needs less time & less fuel to cook a pizza. Size of the oven doesn’t mean that it can cook better than the small one.

The large oven, being capable of cooking more food, provides more space to handle the fire. You can rotate your food easily when under process. Plus, it offers more space to work as well.

A nice small-sized oven can cook just as good as a large oven.

First, you need to see your preferences & needs and then buy that oven which can accommodate both. There are different sizes of ovens, for instance:

  • An oven that’s 24 by 20-inch. It could hold two personal pizzas.
  • An oven that’s 32 by 24-inch. It might hold four pizzas.
  • Oven that’s 36 by 32-inch. It is just perfect for large-sized families.