Product innovation is defined as the development of new products, changes in design, or upgrading with new materials or components. There are numerous examples of product innovation which include introducing new products, enhanced quality and improving the overall performance. Product innovation can be divided into two categories: radical innovation and incremental innovation. The radical innovation is all about developing a new product, and the incremental innovation is improving existing products.

Showcasing Product Innovations In Show Exhibitions

Many well-known brands showcase their products in Trade-Show exhibitions, which help them to raise awareness for their brand and their products. Exhibiting is powerful for the brand because it enables potential leads to experience something physical. In iGaming, trade shows such as ICE London help in raising the knowledge of the industry, its innovations, its products that can also be used in other industries.

A clear example is the AMD brand which is known to be involved in the PC gaming industry, besides its newest processors and video cards can also be used for casino gaming as well. Another brand example can be Samsung and its screen technology that can also be found on some slot cabinets. But when it comes to screen technology display in iGaming, the brand that is the most popular is SUZOHAPP.

Recently the company has exhibited its latest products at ICE London 2020. Here they exposed the most complete range of components on the market, like monitors, locks, printers, scanners, cabinet parts, and more. For the casino industry, the company uses its expertise and its engineering team to deliver technological innovations that add significant value to its clients.

Displayed Tech Products

One such product innovation is their new VisionPro line of LCD monitors that include edge-lit and 4K UHD models, narrow border touch, and ThruGlass capabilities, which allows touchscreens to work through a 9mm of tempered glass. Another innovative product is a new drop-in replacement E-PRL electronic reprogrammable lock, which enables remote authorization, traceability, and the benefit of never changing locks.

When we see the word DPS, we might think of gaming algorithm numbers of damage per second, but in this case, it is about Dynamic Panel Systems. SUHOHAPP’s DPS features the latest innovations in player interfaces. It offers all the adaptability needed for touchscreens while maintaining the satisfying feel of mechanical buttons. In addition, the company also has a product website similar to Amazon, where it has been improved.

This new face of the website displays its new comprehensive product information, organized in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate format. Besides, the company’s goal is to advance the goal of giving easy access to the product information clients need.

In his last words about this exhibit, Mike Sigona, the company’s Business Development & Global Gaming Product Manager, added that their product like is unmatched, because they provide every component to operators and gaming OEMs needed, so their business will run efficiently. In addition, he also mentioned that their goal is to simplify the sourcing process for their clients.