Masslooking is a way to promote Insta, similar to massliking and mass following.  Special software organizes automatic views of thousands of other people’s Stories.  The goal is to attract the attention of users in order to get feedback from them in the form of a subscription or displayed activity.

The benefits of masslooking can be expressed in two factors:

New subscribers

As a rule, owners of regular accounts with a small number of subscribers pay attention to everyone who has watched their “story”, since it will be quite easy to spot your account among 50-100 users.  And if you took care of high-quality content or demonstration of an interesting offer, you are very likely to get a new subscriber.

Coverage growth

Masslooking not only helps to attract new subscribers, but can also increase reach and loyalty from an existing audience.  Your subscribers will surely be pleased that you are watching their “stories”.  Everyone loves attention, and if you are active in relation to the subscriber’s content, then he is unlikely to want to unsubscribe from you.  In addition, viewing the Stories of your subscribers is an additional reminder of yourself.

Masslooking is a great find for promotion and business on Insta.  As soon as you flicker among the viewed users in other people’s stories – and you will surely get potential customers.  This method is especially effective when working with users whose stories are viewed by only 70-120 people.

Technically, there are practically no limits.  The existing limits cannot lead to blocking.  Let’s see why there are, in fact, no limits on masslooking Insta.

There are restrictions on the actions you take on the server.  Likes, comments, and messages in Direct are common examples of actions that are tracked by Instagram algorithms.  If you use them without following certain limits, you risk getting a block for a certain action for several days, or even catching an account ban.  But there are other actions that users take: scrolling the feed, viewing recommendations, searching by hashtags, and so on.  Such actions are hardly controlled.

Why almost?  If you try to scroll through, say, 5000 feed posts per second, then Instagram servers will not approve of such activity.  You will see the message “Request limit exceeded”.  This is the same loading icon when quickly flipping through content.  Sometimes once, person swipe, and there is no content.  Person did it again and it appeared.  These are the same limits for masslooking on Instagram.  They beat you on the hands, but after a split second you can continue to do your job.

If you want to automate promotion using masslooking without worrying about the limits and speed of views – feel free to contact the service