Sports broadcasting is the single largest source of revenue for broadcasters. With sports fanatics spread throughout the globe, isn’t it obvious that there would be a mad race to get the exclusive rights for broadcasting?

Revenues from the broadcasting fund, the 먹튀검증 jersey of the players, their salaries, maintenance of the stadiums, and several other expenses. In fact, due to the exposure that these live telecasts have given to the players, most of the land with advertisement deals.

Let us see which sports are the biggest revenue generators simply by the sale of broadcasting rights:

  1. Football: With fans spread throughout the world and numerous leagues, it is obvious that this sport gets paid in several trillion for exclusive telecast rights. For example, the premier league games in the UK sold five of its seven matches series for a whopping £4.464bn!Several famous leagues generate even higher revenues.  The beauty of this game lies in the craze of its fans especially in Europe and Latin American countries. The FIFA world cup is still the most iconic sports event of all time.It garners hundreds of billions of views. Latin American nations are already famous for their madness for this game. You will be surprised to see the enthusiasm of people for the super-Classico match between iconic league teams of Argentina, Boca Juniors and River Plate.
  2. Baseball: Baseball comes second in terms of getting revenue from broadcasting rights. It has a huge fan base in the USA, Canada, and several Central American countries. It was one of the earliest sports to be live telecasted. Most major players bid quite competitively for the live telecast, repeat telecast, and also highlights. Many even offer selected highlights to the viewers for an additional fee.
  3. Basketball: The popularity of the NBA is well-known throughout the world. Not only that, there are several smaller clubs and league matches that attract a major crowd. Apart from the international channels, many local channels also offer exclusive telecast rights.In 2016-17, the NBA’s revenue was $24 billion from broadcasting rights only. Such large revenue covers the players’ salaries and other expenses. No wonder, NBA players regularly feature in Forbes list of the richest sportsperson.
  4. Ice hockey:  Ice hockey witnesses some of the highest multi-million deals over broadcasting rights. The NHL or national hockey league is the most famous tournament and receives the highest viewership.  It made a 10 year deal with ESPN in the 1992/93 season for US$2B. in the 2017-18 season, it made around 560 M US$ from sponsorship alone.
  5. Auto racing: There will hardly be a soul who hates to see auto racing. Apart from the TV viewership, it is also one of the sports on which the highest betting is done. F1 auto racing’s revenue was US$ 2 billion in 2019.

The final say: The advancement in the telecast of live events has allowed large market players to invest heavily in sports. This revenue in turn fuels training of new talents, maintenance of sports infrastructure as well as payment to players.