Tips for Blockchain Investors To Use In 2019
Tips for Blockchain Investors To Use In 2019

Almost every seasoned investor in the market today who is looking to make a killing in the investment industry knows that the underlying technology is the key. And the emergence of blockchain and blockchain technology is working perfectly to make all this possible. Fund Tokenization has changed the way businesses do things. Take the many blockchain startup businesses, for example. These investors and business owners know all too well how going blockchain will ensure them minimum viable product launches. Besides this, the technical decisions made based on blockchain technology works effortlessly to improve the business’ operability and security. Perhaps, the most important one being the initial coin offering & fundraising process.

Blockchain platform

Today, you will find numerous platforms that enable pretty much every project out there to launch their own tokens on the blockchain market. Yes! You can wake up tomorrow and decide you want to add your own coin on the blockchain market and actually do it. Provided you know all the right channels to follow to make it all possible, of course. You don’t necessarily need to recreate the whole token sales network again from scratch.

Today, blockchain investors are in a position to get into the token sales business with much easy than some years back. However, you still realize that at a blockchain investor, you still need to consider how well all the underlying systems operate. When you consider this, then many blockchain investors and experts would agree that Ethereum is a market leader in this particular space. And for a good reason too.

You find that many startup blockchain investors take this as a default solution due to its reliable solutions, popularity, market-wide acceptance, and committed development community. And that’s why the tokens that are launched on Ethereum get a much easier pass and time to getting listed on the exchanges. Ethereum works to guarantee its investors certain safety and stability parameters that most of the other tokens cannot. This is why you find that the startup bitcoin investors who use it don’t necessarily need to implement a lot of its platform standards. Just one or two can do.

The platform’s safety standards include ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721. Plus, all these platforms are ready for an ICO as well. The most commonly used Ethereum platform is the ERC20 as it characterizes utility tokens. This is mainly because ECR20 incorporates a vital distinction for all the projects that don’t wish to have their tokens classified as securities or shares.

Smart contracts

Ethereum also guarantees orderly fundraising for the ICO which is another huge milestone and benefit that most startup blockchain investors will be looking for. Most of these processes are usually carried away based on the platform’s smart contracts. These smart contracts are what allocate the funds transparently and appropriately on the public ledger. But then again, it is also essential to note that startups must not entirely depend on these platforms exclusively. Even the blockchain investment experts like Nick Evdokimov warn the startup blockchain investors against some inconveniences that may be found in these cases.

It is crucial that you pay special attention, especially the startup blockchain investors, not to opt for the easy route. By this, you find new startups choose to conduct ICOs solely on the Ethereum smart contracts directly. These startups tend to do this without including any other additional building platforms. This isn’t always a smart move. It can end up reflecting poorly on your fundraising.

It is, however, true that there are other contrary examples to this notion. But sometimes, going by what you hear s like walking into a pitch-dark room without a light trying to find your way about. Who knows? You may be walking right into a pointing knife or some other sharp object. So, as a startup, you can always build your token in Ethereum which is good. However, if you only buy all your tokens through Ethereum, then you should be prepared to face a few serious difficulties along the way. Why? Well, because Ethereum, like all other forms of currencies, fluctuates. And when that happens, your clients and users will leave nothing but negative comments on your web pages and social media handles. You do not want to have a bad rap on as a startup. This will only limit the number of investors who will be willing to invest in your tokens.

Choose a good team

The final point that you must also consider when venturing into blockchain investment is to note the capabilities of those who will be in charge of developing the project. The success of your startup blockchain investment intimately depends on this. Not to mention, how you also conduct your ICO. Fund Tokenization has transformed the way technology works and how people view online transactions and other businesses. But how good you make your company or how good it becomes depends entirely on how good your team is. To this effect, you must be careful who you pick to help you through your startup stages as a blockchain investment company. Know the advisors, the marketers, and even the core programmers. Ensure that you only have the best of the best for the job. A team that will work round the clock to see your startup investment grows.

There is no way you can expect a successful startup project if the team responsible for its execution isn’t up to the task. The only way you can expect any kind of positive result from your new blockchain investment project is to hire the right people with the right skills for the job. Ensure you evaluate your team member’s skills accordingly and place each member at the most appropriate position to maximize his/her skills.

Final thoughts

Fund Tokenization and every other thing relating to blockchain investment involve a lot of commitment. Safe to say, it’s not going to be a joyride. So, if you decide that this is the way you want to go, then you best prepare for it appropriately. Pay attention to all the pieces of advice you get from experts in the field. And consider how each one of these pieces of information will help better your startup investment options. Do this right, and you’ll be good to go.