Viking, skol, nfl and football HD photo by Tim Mielke ( timmielke) on Unsplash
Viking, skol, nfl and football HD photo by Tim Mielke ( timmielke) on Unsplash

Mascots got an identity in sports across the world. The mascots are fictional identities that bring good luck to the sports groups whom these represent. The mascots are so much important in sports around the world. Mascots are typically for the purpose of merchandising and branding. Sports clubs use them as cheerleading entities as well.

They are goodwill symbols that are an important part of the American sports & have become famous across the world. They are basically costumed characters which usually take the shape of some object or animal. The football world is also appreciating this entertaining culture as there are so many clubs that are now introducing their mascot costumes. Plus, some are there from decades, while others are the latest versions of mascots.

Mascots could base on different things; the following are some examples:

  • These might represent a regional or local trait.
  • They might symbolize some local industry like farming, miners, etc.
  • These might symbolize a quality like a lion’s courage.
  • These might symbolize a local resource or product like corn, oranges, etc.
  • Mascots might represent different animals including kangaroo, eagles, tiger, and cougars, to name a few.

Let us look at the following top 5 sports mascots of 2019.

1. Phillie Phanatic

This mascot came into being in 1978. First, when the Phils did play the Chicago Cubs, then they used it. It was made to represent the support and faithfulness of the Philadelphia fans. It is a very famous mascot. It also has its dress in Baseball Hall of Fame.

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2. Mr. Met

The first time, people saw this mascot on the game programs’ cover in 1963. At that time, the Mets were playing in northern Manhattan. It’s believed that this mascot was the very first one in Major League Baseball to exist in the human form. It’s an official mascot for “Major League Baseball’s New York Mets.”

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3. Hammerhead

It is the latest mascot for the East London club. It came into being after the lightning struck Ironwork of the stadium. It is a semi-robotic mascot that’s introduced for the Hammers fans in the year 2011. This is usually seen dancing cheering the zealous crowd, to music, & clicking photos with children at the home ground of West Ham.

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4. Chief Osceola

This is an amazing mascot. This mascot got the complete approval from Seminole tribe for his flaming spear and outfit. With the Renegade and Chief, the fans adopted “the chop” which shown defeating the opponent. According to the recent environment, some people see using such forms of representatives as controversial & a kind of “appropriation.” Despite all this, a true fan will surely agree upon that viewing Renegade, and Chief along with the flaming spear is worth watching.

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5. San Diego Chicken

San Diego Chicken is also known as the “Famous Chicken.” It first came into existence in 1974, since then San Diego Chicken has performed in Padres, as well as other sporting events around San Diego. It has been named as one of the most influential people in sports for the twentieth century by Sporting News.

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