Are you wondering if your phone has been hacked? If yes, then our guide will help you identify whether this is actually the case and how to remove the hacker from your phone, if it is the case.

One of the worst things that can happen in today’s world of constant connectivity, as far as the safety of personal data is concerned, is for your phone to get hacked. Our phones have so much detail about our everyday lives that they have become one of the most personal pieces of equipment we own. But the sad reality is that a simple ‘how to hack a phone’ search online will produce many results for people with nefarious purposes. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to remove a hacker from your phone if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

How Can I Figure Out Who Hacked My Phone?

Before you know the answer to ‘how to remove a hacker from my phone’ or how you can work out who the hacker is, you need to know how to know if your phone is hacked or not. Once you know if your phone is hacked, you can start thinking of who could have hacked it. You should know that most SMS tracker apps or GPS trackers require physical access to your device to be installed, so the person who may have hacked your phone would be someone who has access to your phone.

There are some common signs that can tell you of the presence of spy apps or GPS trackers on your phone. By carefully noticing these things about your phone, you may be able to find out if your phone is actually hacked or not:

  • A sudden increase in battery usage.
  • Unprompted shutdowns or resets.
  • Random ads or screensavers showing up.
  • Increase in the phone’s temperature.
  • More than usual data consumption.

If you find that your phone is exhibiting one or more of these issues, it might indicate that it has been hacked. At this point, you should go to your device’s administrator settings and see if there are any unrecognized apps that have these permissions turned on. If that is the case, remove those permissions right away. After this, you should know how to run a security scan on your device to be sure if malware or spyware is present on your device.

How Do I Run A Security Scan On My Phone?

To run a security scan on your phone in order to find out if it has indeed been hacked, you should invest in a good security application. There are many excellent anti-virus applications that you can use for this purpose. Such an app will let you know if there is any dangerous software installed on your device. If you do find out that such software is present on your phone, then you should do a complete factory reset and install the latest version of the software available for your phone. Updated software versions have updated security patches that try to keep your phone as safe from viruses and threats as possible.

Spy Apps For Phones

Now that you know how to remove a hacker from your phone, it’s important to also know how the best spy apps actually work. These apps have the ability to sit silently on a phone and track all kinds of activities being performed on the device. Apps such as Spyzie can track messages, calls, emails, photos, videos, locations, social apps, and much more. This can be used for both good and bad, of course. Such apps are used by parents around the world to make sure that their young children are not falling into any dangerous traps laid out by online predators or that they are being safe with their internet usage.

So, when you search how to hack a phone, you might run into some spy apps like Cocospy that people use for such purposes too. And reading some user reviews about those spy apps will show you how parents are using them to make sure that their children are being safe. cocospy’s reviews, for example, are generally very positive about the app’s usage by parents as well by employees who wish to maximize the productivity of their employees.


So now you know how to remove a hacker from your phone and also a little bit about how to hack a phone using spy apps. Practicing some basic phone safety tips will help you a lot in keeping your data safe. Keeping your phone locked, regularly checking for strange behavior, and keeping the software updated are some of the most basic things you can and should always do, and it will be very hard for someone to actually hack your device.