A number of people who used the Truvada drug as the manufacturer, Gilead Sciences Incorporated, mislead consumers with highly alluring promises of this HIV and Aids prevention medicine without proper warning of the severe and even fatal side effects. The consequences of the manufacturer’s negligence have left an undeniably upsetting impact on the victims and family members of the victims who suffered as a result.

The rise in Truvada lawsuits has caused a widespread demand for Truvada attorneys to enforce justice through holding the manufacturer of this harmful drug accountable for their cruel act of negligence. If you have been affected by the negative impacts of Truvada, you can take advantage of the reassurance that The Truvada Lawyer will demand your fair treatment and compensation for the crippling damages that resulted from the faulty product.

The Damaging Effects

Individuals who have used this HIV and Aids prevention drug were under the false impression that the approved medicine was safe for human consumption. However, in reality, the manufacturer failed to inform consumers of the full extents of the severe side effects involved. While the relative side effects of this drug have caused consumers to be left with chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, kidney failure, and renal conditions that have in many cases caused the wrongful death of the user, other extremely concerning side effects that users have experienced include reduced bone density, bone loss, and numerous bone conditions that cause incredibly continues agony for the sufferer.

As a result of these harsh side effects, mislead consumers have found themselves suffering long-term conditions that greatly decrease their quality of life. In addition to this, these victims are left with astronomical medical bills, as many may require life-long treatment after using the medicine. The loss of income has negatively affected victims and family members of the victims, and in cases where the drug resulted in wrongful death, family members have been burdened with loss and grief.

The Importance Of Legal Assistance

If you have been affected by this medicine and would like to recover your damages and seek compensation that is legally entitled to you, you will need legal assistance in the form of an attorney that specializes in Truvada Lawsuits. Legal assistance will ensure that all the legalities of the lawsuit are handled for you, which will provide adequate comfort in knowing you will be compensated for the extremities of the manufacturer’s negligence. You will need to work with your attorney to determine every notable reason for compensation. As there are several aspects of this type of lawsuit that you will not be able to handle on your own, such as knowledge of product standards, the regulations that are in place to protect consumers, and fine details of the faulty product which includes the history of the product. A highly skilled Truvada lawyer will have significant knowledge surrounding previous incidents regarding the drug and the full extremes of the manufacturer’s responsibility as a result.

Living With Chronic Kidney Disease

Suffering the symptoms of chronic kidney disease is understandably unfortunate. The effects of this drug have caused numerous victims to develop severe kidney problems and that these victims will spend the rest of their lives managing symptoms which include anemia, seizures, reduced mental focus, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, muscle pain, poor digestion, and several other alarming symptoms. While victims of these side effects will face the full extent of the manufacturer’s failure to consider the rights of the consumer, it is essential that victims seek to recover their damages to prevent any additional suffering.

Precautions To Prevented The Effects Of Faulty Products

Even though consumers are protected by regulations that insist on the importance of safety, there have been numerous instances of manufacturers failing to head safety standards. This issue stresses the importance of consumer precautions that will better protect them from the effects of faulty products. Consumers should always seek to gain insight regarding the potential side effects of a drug even if it has been prescribed to them by a qualified medical practitioner. The precaution of determining all the possible side effects will help you as a consumer consider the risks involved, which will greatly decrease the chances of suffering at the hands of an irresponsible manufacturer.