Rubber Bracelets

Personal rubber bracelets have been hugely popular for a long time.

The most notable presence of these bracelets in our pop-culture-consciousness was in 2004, during the Livestrong campaign by Nike. You could see yellow bracelets on most arms in North America, promoting the fight against cancer.

Since then, personal rubber bracelets have turned into a worldwide phenomenon with various charitable organizations, companies, and individuals taking part. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in this post; the benefits of making your own personal rubber bracelet.

We’ll go over 6 of the many benefits that you’ll see when you make rubber bracelets for your business, your cause, or just yourself. Because, that’s the beauty of rubber bracelets, you can have them for any occasion. Let’s dig in a little bit more on why this trend is what it is and how it can be great for you.

Why Make Rubber Bracelets? 6 Big-Time Benefits

You may not think that a small bracelet could possibly have an effect on your life, but over and over, we see small tokens of friendship, promotions, and awareness-raising go a long way.

When you’re seen wearing something with an important message, people tend to listen. Here are 6 big-time benefits to making and wearing a custom rubber bracelet.

1. Raise Awareness

Raising awareness for something that you feel is underrepresented in our public consciousness is how rubber bracelets got their start. In 2004, Lance Armstrong and Nike took the world by storm with the Livestrong bracelet.

Now, rubber bracelets are used to raise awareness for anything from social justice and political issues to disease, famine, and other atrocities. When you’re particularly involved in fighting for a cause, wearing a rubber bracelet is an effective and inoffensive way to showcase your beliefs.

It’s a great opportunity to start a dialogue with people wherever you go about the issues that you feel are important. You don’t have to invite the conversation, but by wearing your bracelet, you’re able to pique other people’s interest.

2. Promote Products

If you’re a young entrepreneur or even a wily business owner, you could make rubber bracelets to promote your company, a product, or build awareness around your brand.

If you’ve built up a great brand identity, you can get a catchy slogan relating to your brand on a rubber bracelet and watch the new customers come in. Give out the bracelets with orders, at events, or have them for sale at your physical location.

You’ll be able to see the community around your business grow as more and more people are seen wearing your bracelets. Try out a social media hashtag on the bracelet, and you’ll be guaranteed to see some new followers.

3. Help Raise Funds

While raising awareness for a cause is a great benefit to making rubber bracelets, it’s even better to sell these bracelets to raise funds for the cause. People are always looking for a way to donate to something that’s important to them, and you could use rubber bracelets as a token of their generosity.

If you’re looking for a way to help your favorite charity, set up a website where people can donate a certain amount of money and get a rubber bracelet in return. You can get them made at sites like or then sell them on your site to make money to send to the charity.

4. Personal Safety

While you can’t use the latest technology on a rubber bracelet, they do work great for providing information regarding any medical issues in the event of an emergency.

If you’re a parent, you could have your child wear a bracelet with their personal information on it for if they get lost on a school trip. They also work well for those with diabetes, allergies, or any illness where one could benefit from emergency assistance.

Just have your medical info imprinted on the bracelet, and you can rest easy knowing that while you’re wearing it, you’ll be able to seek help.

5. Great for Events

We can’t stress enough how great these wristbands are for promoting products for small businesses. Have rubber bracelets made for your next trade show appearance and give them away at your booth.

The fact of the matter is that people love getting free stuff, so if they see a nice vibrant colored bracelet with a funny or catchy slogan on it, they’re probably going to swipe it. At trade shows, you can gauge the instant reaction to your bracelets and see how they’re working for you in real-time.

The bracelets are also great for non-corporate events like birthday parties, school trips, pep rallies, and political rallies.

6. Personal Reminders

If you’ve got mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or PTSD, you can have a slogan or some words of wisdom printed on it to help remind you to stay positive when the going gets tough.

Sometimes looking down and seeing a simple reminder that your illness doesn’t have to control, you can get you out of an anxiety attack. There are actually anxiety treatments designed with rubber bracelets in mind.

In one, you use your wristband to “snap” yourself back into reality. When you’re in the midst of a fit of anxiety, you repeat a slogan to yourself (which could also be printed on the bracelet) and snap the bracelet against your wrist 3 times. It’s designed to put a harsh stop to the downward spiral of anxiety.

Get Your Bracelets Made Today

Why wait any longer? Rubber bracelets are cheap to make, and they pay off in ways that are hard to measure, but obvious. When you make rubber bracelets, you can commit yourself to a cause, promote it to other people, and even raise money to help with something you believe in.

However, you don’t have to be fighting for anything for bracelets to pay off. Get them made for your business and see how they can build your brand and help promote products. Whatever the need, a bracelet is a great way to show what’s important to you, so get yours made today.