Backyard Entertainment

It’s no surprise that we Aussies love our outdoor living, and more and more people across the globe are adopting our knack for backyard transformations. If you’re looking to jump in on this fresh lifestyle trend, here are a few surefire ways to create a stunning backyard entertainment space.

Keep it cozy

The greatest thing about creating outdoor living spaces is that you’re allowed to embrace the most unconventional ideas. In fact, creativity and innovation are highly encouraged here! With some potted shrubbery, a mixture of forest tones and warm accents, a couple of hammocks, and some trusty outdoor heaters – for staving away the winter chills as well as safely toasting marshmallows – you can easily put together your own timeless ‘domestic forest’!

It’s an ambitious idea in theory, but when you start to piece it together, you’ll realize that your outdoor living space is an incredibly malleable environment. So long as you ensure your space is cozy, secured, and protected against the elements, the sky’s the absolute limit. Whatever style you’re looking to adopt, chances are there are a variety of elegant, little touches you can incorporate into your space to create your dream entertaining space. Just make sure to always prioritize comfort and warmth.

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Alfresco dining

The most magical dinner parties are those where the host thinks outside the box and what better way to think outside the box than serve dinner by candlelight under the starry night sky? Or better still, escape the cold in your cozy al fresco dining room? Transforming your outdoor space into a stylish, multifunctional dining room complete with a large, central table and chairs, will allow you to host a greater number of guests. Not only this, but it’s becoming increasingly common to see al fresco dining spaces flowing out into landscaped gardens, to provide your guests with dinner and a view.

Get some greenery

Aside from being incredibly photogenic, a landscaped garden can also greatly add to the value of your property if you’re looking to sell in the future. You can use a playful selection of stepping stones to bridge these two zones together, lining your path with potted perennials and maybe even some lanterns for soft, ambient lighting.

If you’re uncertain of what plants you should use in your green space, simply pay attention to the design elements you’re incorporating into your dining room and try to complement these in your garden arrangements. For instance, if you’ve gone for your classical dark wood furniture, warm tones, and a bold-shaded feature wall, then some rose bushes would work splendidly. If you’ve adopted a more contemporary style, with Scandinavian-style decor and strong, contrasting colors, then equally dynamic, low-maintenance plants will be your friends. Think succulents, yuccas, and other plants with interesting shapes.

Outdoor theatre

This last one can either be limited to a mounted flatscreen, or you can feel free to go all-out and include speakers, smart lighting, and a bar for smooth entertaining. Incorporating some tech into your outdoor space can further your options when it comes to shindigs. You could have friends over to watch the footy, play some video games, showcase some home movies at birthdays and anniversaries, or even move some of your furniture around and create a makeshift dance-floor.

Whatever you decide to do, having a home theatre set-up of any size in your outdoor space will be sure to make for a fantastic addition to your home. Make sure that your speakers are suitable for an outdoor setting. Head over to MusicCritic‘s site to find the right outdoor speakers for your needs.

As you can see, the options for your outdoor space are basically endless. And while there are a fair few decisions you’ll need to make before the work really gets started, the brainstorming is all part of the fun. So let your creative juices run wild!