eBay is a household name, with most of us completing our first online order through the bright platform all those years ago. Fast forward to now, and eBay is still dominating the marketplace with more buyers coming online every day and ready to order. For store owners looking to succeed in 2019, the question needs to be asked – what are you doing to direct those buyers to your store? Let’s take a look at some approaches that are yielding results on eBay.

Find them with web scraping

Don’t spend another minute guessing the motivations and buying patterns of your ideal eBay customer, and find out definitively by utilizing eBay scraping. Web scraping solutions have long been informing the strategic direction to those savvy e-commerce companies, with the data providing invaluable leads and market insights to those smart enough to look. Using an eBay scraping service will provide you with the data needed to attract quality customers with a greater intent to buy, allowing you to target that customer type and many like them.

Customize your store appearance

There is so much you can do to alter your eBay store appearance, that buyers could even be forgiven for thinking they have left the platform entirely. Customizing an eBay store is not something enough sellers take advantage of, which may keep them from converting at a higher volume. By simply setting up a custom listing frame, you can enhance your eBay store with a logo and navigation bar that includes product categories. All in a day’s work. You can even implement a subscribe function so that you can sign buyers up to your CRM system.

Explore the promotion function

Have you used the eBay Promotions Manager yet? It allows a store to create special offers and customized coupons, which in turn boost visibility from your store and product offering. Every business model is different, which is why the Promotions Manager allows for different offer variations. Free shipping when a buyer spends over a certain amount is a common promotion, and so is a minimum order-size special offer. You can even cycle through your products to promote one category at a time, which could boost sales in a lower performing category type. Play around with a few promotional types and see what drives the most interest.

Prioritize high reviews

Just because you are an eBay convert does not mean others are. Shocking, I know. Some buyers may be new to the platform and will be deciding on your store based on your feedback. This is likely going to be the behavior of an eBay buying veteran also, so you have to face up to this fact no matter the target audience. Many sellers will take the time to wrap their goods in fine packaging, offer speedy responses,, and follow up to see that the goods arrived in the condition the buyer anticipated. Prioritize high reviews that speak for your store.

Keep your feed refreshed

eBay, like Google, are always looking to show their users what they want to see. eBay is particularly known for boosting fresh activity within its internal search engine. This is something you can hack. By refreshing your feed by turning it off and on again, it will send information about your store listings to google using RSS. Once again, turning something off and on again has prevailed!

There are millions reaching entrepreneur status through eBay, and you can be one too with the right strategies in place. The more guesswork you can take out of your processes, the better off you will be. Make 2019 the year that you exceed your sales targets, and invite a higher qualifying customer to your door.