Did you know that desk plants can make you a better worker?

Don’t be-leaf it? Research proves that office desk plants increase productivity, happiness, attention span, and creativity. So instead of sitting in a nature-less workspace from 9 till 5, why not bring the outside in and add a desk plant to your office?

But what are the best desk plants? And how can you avoid creating a plant cemetery? Read on to find out the missing nature link for your workspace.

Desk Plants—Bring the Outside In

From removing toxins in the air to adding a touch of style to your office. Plants can transform your workspace into a tranquil zen-den. But if you’re not green-thumbed and you have a busy work schedule, what are the best desk plants to care for? Check out our top five.

1. Snakes on a Desk

One of the best desk plants is the Sansevieria, which is also known as snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. Some can grow to extreme heights. So make sure to choose from the dwarf selection, such as Futura Superba or Whitney.

These hardy desktop plants require little attention. In fact, they can last up to a month without water and can survive in low-light. This makes them great for the forgetful office worker.

2. Say Aloe To My Little Friend

Aloe plants are super cute small office plants that are easy to look after.

They only need watering every couple of weeks, but they do need A LOT of sunlight. If your desk doesn’t receive enough light, you may need to pop it on your windowsill now and again. This will provide it with all the sun-rich nutrients it needs.

3. Can’t Touch This

Commonly found in harsh desert climates, the cactus is one of the best desktop plants that thrive on neglect. Because of the amount of liquid they can retain, you don’t have to worry if you forget to water them. If possible, try to give your cactus some sunshine, and they will thrive.

Lone mini-cactuses are perfect for small office plants. But a dish garden filled with succulents and cactuses can add trendy vibes to your office.

Just be careful where you place it, as it may prick unsuspecting coworkers!

4. Lucky You

There are 100s of varieties of bamboo, and a Lucky Bamboo is a great desk plant. They grow slowly and don’t even need soil if you submerge their stems in water. And they only need a little sunlight to thrive.

Some florists shape the bamboo stems into spirals, hearts, or weaves for fun. But sooner or later they will lose their shape.

5. Purple Vibes

Orchids require a bit more care than the office desk plants mentioned above. But the fantastic purple hues make the effort worthwhile.

Orchids prefer filtered light to direct sunlight, so a desk space is a perfect location. Water them once or twice a week, and they will thrive.

But you might be wondering what size plant you should buy or where you should place the plant. Click the link to find out more about buying and caring for office desk plants.

Don’t Stop Be’leafing!

Yes, desk plants can help you to be more productive. So liven up your office with any one of these desktop plants, and watch your career soar through the roof!

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