Nintendo Switch is still a thriving sensation owing to its versatility in both genre and content. This year, a pair of next-generation consoles is the actual hit, but playing any kind of video game over a Nintendo Switch is still exciting and thrilling. And since Christmas is around the corner, it would be a great gift to surprise your enthusiastic gamer friends.

This guide will cover every aspect of the Nintendo Switch, from buying a Switch to owning and accessorizing it; everything you need to know is right here! Whether you are planning to buy a Switch or you already own one, there is adequate detail for you to have the best gaming experience!

The Overview

On 3rd March 2017, Nintendo launched the Switch for $299. At the time of the release, this game was much cheaper than the Sony PlayStation 4, which was available at $399 at that time. But, the Nintendo Switch is different from the PS4 and Xbox One S as it is known as Hybrid Console. The Nintendo Switch has gained great popularity, establishing itself as the company’s second best-selling console of all time. Up till now, 68 million units have been sold. What makes it different from other gaming devices is its flexibility and versatility.

Nintendo Switch Console has been designed thoughtfully with an inventive model and an impressive roster of diverse games. It lets one play games on the TV screen using Joy-Con and even on Switch Pro Controller. Individuals can also enjoy the Nintendo Switch games in handheld mode. Besides, the motion control feature improves the fidelity of the Wii Remote. Nintendo’s hybrid device is suitable for both multiplayer games and single-player games.

Why buy Nintendo Switch?

If you are looking for a hybrid gaming device that ensures a versatile gaming experience, then Nintendo Switch is your go-to game console. Besides, Nintendo did a terrific job by releasing games, specifically for the Switch. Not only this but the company also brought some third-party titles.

All in all, Nintendo Switch is an outright must-buy for Nintendo fans, without any doubt. As for the occasional gamers, it proves to be a good investment and a great pass time. People can use it for both the home console and handheld console; they don’t even have to buy two separate devices. The thing to note here is that Switch is not the right choice for hardcore gamers who want to access and play every game at the best quality while its price is nearly equal to other major consoles.

Let’s have a look over Nintendo Switch Specs.

Technically speaking, the Nintendo Switch Specs are way behind than PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, or high-end gaming PC, but when it comes to Nintendo has never focused on raw power. However, there are some basic specifications of the Nintendo Switch that you must know!

Display: The Nintendo Switch game console features a 6.2-inch LCD with an undocked resolution of 1,280 × 720 and a docked resolution of 1,920 × 1,080. The screen is covered with plastic and provides an efficient 10-finger multi-touch support.

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Processor: Nintendo Switch is powered by a Custom Nvidia Tegra CPU/ GPU.

Storage: The gaming device has an onboard storage of 32 GB, whereas the operating system takes up 4 GB. The device supports microSD cards up to 2TB, whereas microSDHC and microSDXC are also supported.

Battery: Nintendo Switch is powered by a lithium-ion battery of 4,310 mAh power. A USB-C cable is also provided along with the device for charging the battery, and it takes approximately 3 hours to get charged fully.

Connectivity: There are two options for device connectivity:

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)

Bluetooth 4.1

Audio: A 5.1 – channel Linear PCM output is docked on the device while there are stereo onboard speakers too, and a 3.5 mm headphone port is also present on the device.

Size and Weight: The Nintendo Switch display alone measures 173 mm × 102 mm × 14 mm, and it weighs 297 g (~11oz). When the Joy-Con is attached, the dimensions are 238 mm × 102 mm × 14 mm, and the final weight is 398 g (~14oz).

The Complete Package

The complete package of Nintendo Switch features a total of eight items along with the Switch itself but excluding manuals, notices, and other miscellaneous paperwork. It includes the console, a Nintendo Switch controller in the form of two Joy-Con, and everything one needs to connect it to a TV.

This package includes every basic thing that one needs to play Nintendo Switch games by using the Switch itself or docking it with a television. The best part is that it is online ready to download any game from its robust store; there is no need to buy the physical copy of the desired game to play.

Besides, there are bundle offers top which features different accessories, games or other stuff along with the Switch 8 items box. But every Nintendo Switch retail box only features the above-mentioned core eight items.

Nintendo Switch Software Updates

Nintendo uses the internet to send updates to Switch’s operating system and the library’s games. Though the schedule is not set for these updates but there is a pretty regular pattern. Well, you don’t need to anything about software updates except for accepting the update and restarting the device.

Presently, there are more advanced models of gaming devices in the market. In fact, Nintendo has upgraded the model of Switch, but if the tech aspects, price, and versatility of Nintendo Switch are analyzed carefully, it is still a great gaming device, and you can buy it this Christmas! However, if the Nintendo Switch is beyond your budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself or your gaming enthusiast friend anything at all.