No. 1 Digital Marketing Advice for Ecommerce Businesses


In today’s day and age, if you own or administer a business, regardless of size, you’ll have to deal with digital marketing. From huge corporations to one-man companies, everyone needs to get the word going about their activities, services, and/or products.

And, the online world is the best environment to get the word of mouth started.

However, digital marketing is an incredibly vast niche, without fixed rules, and a ton of information, which can get confusing (even for the specialists out there). So, to give you a boost in your journey we had a chat with successful e-commerce business owners.

The representatives we contacted offered valuable advice and tips on how to grow online business the proper way, so make sure to check them out!

Data Analysis & Comprehensive Marketing Dashboards

“In this cutthroat digital age, e-commerce businesses cannot survive without data analysis and comprehensive marketing dashboards.”

According to Datapine, a business needs to know where they’re spending their dollars and how it influences the conversion rates and ROI. If they utilize the power of business intelligence with smart machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, it will significantly improve their productiveness, save time and decrease costs.

In today’s day and age, information is power, but only if you can process it in time so the results will be relevant to your business strategy. As such, business intelligence software becomes an asset of tremendous value as it can (among other benefits):

  • accelerate decision making;
  • help you gain competitive advantages;
  • highlight problems in the strategy;
  • optimize business processes;
  • drive new ways to obtain revenue.

A Brand Needs to be Omnipresent

“E-mail marketing is dead – you might’ve heard something of the sort floating around. Or, maybe it’s that social media’s phasing out. Both statements are fiction”, as 99firms puts it.

As it turns out, people seem to believe that the shift towards mobile is proof for the decline of standard marketing technologies. But consumers aren’t trading PCs for phones and tablets. They’re going omnichannel – brick-and-mortar, personalized emails, social shopping online, using mobile apps and sites.

So, it’s not about one or a magic combination. In a world littered with noise and choice, brands must be present in all channels to remain relevant to their audience.

The best example of a brand that managed to achieve omnipresence is Coca-Cola. The brand’s image is everywhere across the globe, while 95% of people are within half-a-mile of a Coca-Cola bottle or can. Moreover, you’d have to be living under a rock for the last 20 years to not know what Coca-Cola is or how it tastes!

So how did they do it? Even now, when they’re a global power brand, they don’t stop running ads, creating content and staying as visible as possible on all channels.

Know your Audience & Be Consistent

“At Fe International, the main thing I tell people with e-commerce businesses is to make sure you are consistent with your message and don’t use a channel just because it is available to you.”

Make sure that your marketing strategy is researched, and you know where your target audience is and use those and only those channels to market. There’s more to it than you think, you need to fully commit to the channels that you want to advertise on or not do them at all, customers will know when you are not giving your all and call you out on it.

This advice may look like it’s butting heads with the omnipresence idea, but it’s just a different side of the same coin. Basically, you should be omnipresent on all the channels that are relevant for your audience.

After all, if you’re promoting a product that doesn’t spike any interest in the available audience, you’re only wasting time and resources.

Product Reviews are Crucial for SEO

Product reviews are an essential marketing channel and source of marketing collateral for your business.”

People care about what other people think, and when you see a ‘verified buyer’ badge on a review, it has a level of authority that consumers trust. Those product reviews offer a ton of versatile value for your SEO efforts (shopping search), advertising campaigns (stars in your seller ratings), and social media (influencers and content).

Still, great product reviews don’t happen on their own. You need to ask. So, make sure that you have the right automated review request processes in place.

As it turns out, years of constant exposure to commercials desensitized an entire generation (the millennials) and the ones that come after them. According to a study on UK millennials, 8 out of 10 don’t buy anything without reading a trusted review first.

Wrap Up

The list of tips and advice could go on and on, but the ones above touch on important topics when it comes to the digital market in today’s crowded online space. So, make sure to carefully ponder on your strategy and find ways to make it better.