If you have stood in front of the mirror and have been disappointed in your reflection with considerably duller skin looking back, you are not alone. With thousands of beauty products releasing each day that boasts of revolutionary ways to achieve a natural, youthful glow, one must consider the causes behind dull skin rather than temporary treatment of the symptoms. The main causes of dull skin are attributed to your lifestyle and diet. Here are 5 surprising causes of dull skin that you may not have known about.

Too much sun

While it is recommended to get a healthy amount of sun every day, too much of it can lead to sun damage. Dark spots, new lines, and premature aging are the results of too much sun damage. We aren’t asking you to retire those bikinis and opt for a large hat on a much-anticipated beach day, but it does help to take the appropriate precautionary steps to protect yourself. With frequent sun damage, you will also begin to notice a rougher, more flaky texture on what used to be soft, supple skin.

It might be nearly impossible to avoid the sun, but there are ways to reduce your exposure. Planning out your activities to a later time, after 4 PM, can limit your exposure to harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out can also drastically reduce the detrimental effects of the sun.

Not enough sleep

This might come across as a bit of a surprise, but your sleeping habits play an instrumental role in how your skin looks. Your sleep, or the lack of it, can cause your skin to look duller and launch the signs of aging on your skin. By missing sleep, the levels of cortisol, also called the stress hormone, increases in your body. This leads to inflammation which breaks down the proteins that are meant to keep your skin glowing. [1]

You may not be sleeping for a variety of reasons, but an uncomfortable mattress is the leading cause of disturbed sleeping patterns. The best way to ensure you sleep well is to create a relaxing sleeping environment. Your skin deserves a little care, a little pampering. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Brands like Dreamcloud offer luxurious mattresses with a cashmere blend top layer at affordable costs to give you tranquil sleep every night.

Lack of exercise

In our busy lives, exercise and healthy living often take a back seat. Without enough time to give to our bodies, we start becoming agitated looking at the repercussions of our choices. It is important to assign an hour every day to lead a healthy life. It might be difficult to find the right gym or even the right regimen for you, don’t hesitate to incorporate holistic activities like yoga.

The physical effects of yoga, especially healthy skin, is one every yogi swears by. With too much stress, unhealthy habits and lack of exercise, your skin becomes unable to absorb nutrients from fruits and veggies you intake. This leads to dull skin and even acne. Activities like yoga lets you use your own physical being for balance, strengthens and stretches your body and helps you relax faster. [2] You don’t need to find an expensive yoga class to develop this healthy habit. You can just spread out a soft area rug and asana away.


With all the coffees you might be pounding to stay awake at work, you probably aren’t feeling the need to drink water. The effects of drinking sufficient water for healthy skin has been long known but following it might be harder than it seems. Thankfully, we live in an age of technology where there is an app for everything. Apps to remind you to drink a glass of water can just save your skin.

Your skin cells need water to remain healthy. Without which, your skin will start to look dry, flaky and dull. This is a one-way street to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermatologist Dendy Engelman says, “Adequate hydration helps the skin to optimize circulation to the skin and toxin removal from the skin.” If drinking water doesn’t sound appealing, you can continue to hydrate your skin with water-dense fruits like cucumbers and watermelons.


It’s no secret that stress and anxiety are on a gradual upward slope as our lives get more engaged. These psychological strains will reveal itself in numerous ways, with glaring effects on the biggest organ in your body as well. There are many ways to control your anxiety and fight external stressors. Meditation, therapy, and exercise are to name a few.

Noval ideas like the use of weighted blankets are also a step towards reducing anxiety. The Director of the sleep disorders clinic (SDS Kliniken) in Gothenburg, Gaby Badre says, “The pressure provides a reassuring and cocooning feeling.” [3] Fortunately, these amazing blankets that constitute 8%-15% of your body weight are made available and affordable by brands like Nectar.

Of course, unhealthy habits like excessive drinking, smoking, and drugs play an important role in how your skin looks. Taking care of your skin includes taking care in every aspect of your life, be it mental or physical wellness. It is better to take preventive care rather than opt for expensive cosmetic procedures to reverse what was completely avoidable in the first place.


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