Gaming Ultrabook
Gaming Ultrabook

Playing computer games is a favorite pastime activity for most of us. Whether you are just a casual player or a hardcore gamer, you need the right gaming ultrabook with the right specs to get flawless entertainment from the new and engaging games that are released every year.

A few years ago, most gamers would have laughed at the thought of using a gaming ultrabook to play games that require larger RAM and processing power, but now it’s not just possible, but smooth, convenient, and efficient as well. Its portability makes it even a better choice. What felt like an impossibility in the past may be what every gamer needs right now.

To choose the perfect gaming laptop to suit your needs, try to avoid making the following common mistakes.

1. Picking the Wrong Processor

Computer processor dictates your machine’s speed and capacity. It plays a vital role in the quality of games you can play on your PC. Because of the size and slimness that comes with an Ultrabook, most of them come with at least Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor (GPU).

For high-level gaming, a strong, dedicated graphics processor such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon GPU can make your gaming experience unforgettable, each time.

Computers with slightly less in graphics than Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor and with Intel Core i3 or i5 can only handle low-level games that are available in most social media sites.

2. Ignoring the Trends

It’s a fast-paced world. Technology is advancing at a very high rate. Unless you are okay with buying a new gaming Ultrabook every year, get the latest machine in the market.

It should have the capacity to handle the new games that are released every so often. Also, invest in a motherboard that can be compatible with the latest processors.

3. Inadequate Storage Space

As a gaming guru, you need enough space to store the games you play frequently. Besides, you never know how big your next favorite game is going to be. Like mentioned earlier, you need to be prepared for the future.

A good choice would be at least 8GB of DDR4 memory and a 500GB storage space, which can guarantee a smooth run of any game. Extra ports and bays can make it possible to get additional storage if the need arises.

4. Unnecessary Features

Most Ultrabooks come with a wide array of features designed to meet the different needs of users. These features may sound exciting and cool, but the question is, do you require them?

If you are going to be using your machine for gaming mostly, focus on the features that matter most. Having a touch screen that you do not need only adds an unnecessary cost that could have covered for a faster and more powerful processor.

5. Screen Quality

Ultrabooks come with a variety of displays depending on your needs as a user. If you want a portable model, go no further than 15 inches. But if to you image quality is more important, a 17-inch gaming Ultrabook can give you the best performance.

Nothing undermines your gaming experience more than the wrong graphics card. Strike a balance between the display size and graphics quality. The right display should fit the screen size you choose. Anything higher than Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU is good; 4K is perfect.

6. Undermining the Importance of a Quality Power Supply

The wrong power supply can not only destroy components of your gaming Ultrabook, but it can result in the poor performance of your machine. A quality power supply should support all the components of your gaming Ultrabook and any upgrades you may make.

The average Ultrabook has a battery life of 5 hours. High-level gaming may use up more power, but some ultra-books can let you enjoy all your games at full capacity without the need to recharge every few hours.

7. Rushing For the Cheap Models

It’s understandable that you have a budget that you would want to stick to, but as they say “cheap is expensive.” Within a few days of using the cheap model, you realize that you can’t get the user experience you desire and you are back shopping, and frustrated.

Do not be blinded by the low price tag. The best gaming Ultrabook comes with powerful processors that can run big applications and handle all your gaming needs as well as any other task. And this is not cheap. Invest once, and you are going to be smiling for a few solid years.

8. Forgetting about the Hardware Needs

It is easy to focus on the core components of the gaming Ultrabook and ignore the hardware needs of your games such as speakers and more ports. There are some extra components that you may need to buy in the future that can enhance your gaming experience.

Consider if your gaming Ultrabook can be compatible with these extra components without affecting the overall performance of your machine.

9. Inadequate Research

There are many Ultrabooks models available and what may appear perfect at a glance could turn out to be a nightmare. This mistake, however, can be avoided by doing some adequate research on the machine.

Read reviews from previous users. Try it out to see if it feels natural to you, test the keyboard and application performance. You are investing your hard earned money, and it’s only right that you get value for it. Dig deep, ask the experts, and pay extra attention to the specs of the machine you are about to buy.

10. Portability

The need to pick a laptop with the best core features could make you forget the main reason you are shopping for a gaming Ultrabook, which is portability.

The best size would be less than 21mm when closed and weigh not more than 4 lb. A 13-inch gaming Ultrabook is highly portable but is less in graphics than the 17-inch machine, which can give you the ultimate gaming experience. If you opt for a 17-inch Ultrabook, get one with a small build.

There a lot of Ultrabooks out there, with more about to be introduced. Choosing can get a bit tricky but if you focus on getting a machine that has enough storage space, a powerful processor, and one that is portable and up to the current trend; you are on the right track.

Don’t let fancy features or a low price misguide you, the screen features and compatibility with hardware should suit your gaming needs. Finally, never underestimate the importance of reviews in keeping you from making the wrong decisions. Have a fantastic gaming time and don’t forget to leave a comment!