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The changes to Instagram have made it become so much different than what it used to be. The visual aspect has remained the same since its beginning, but there are plenty of changes in other aspects of the platform that have made it much different than what it once was.

The visual aspect is everywhere on social media – you see someone taking a picture of a bar, snapping some photos with their friends, or just scrolling through their timeline and seeing numerous photos from the accounts they follow.

Many brands are not allowing themselves to be left behind, especially on Instagram. They are starting to understand how it works, which is a good thing – after all, the potential audiences you can get on the platform are numerous, as long as you know how to get through to them. This has also made Instagram very popular, and not just among young people alone.

You have probably heard of the saying that one picture speaks a thousand words, and Instagram has the power to help you communicate about your brand without using so many words. The good news is that numerous brands are finally learning how to sell themselves on the site, therefore reaping in major dividends and profits.

Even more important to note, it is all without necessarily using a third-party service to try out Instagram likes free. The more you can harness the power of the photo on Instagram, the more you gain benefits in your marketing strategy, so read on for some of these tips.

Why are photos so powerful on Instagram?

When examining the tips, it is important to know why they are very effective when used well – in fact, they tend to convert at better rates than generic photos.

They can increase your cross-engagement greatly

It is much easier to connect to your customers through multiple channels, thanks to the increasing inter-connectivity of social media. For instance, it is now easy for someone to see your posts and your Instagram feed, even if they do not follow you on the platform, or whether they are on another social media platform.

When the person goes to your feed and see a whole gallery of photos, they can decide to follow you because they see you are active on the platform. They can also choose to re-connect with you and your business later on.

When you decide to share content on your feed, you can share them on your website and attract followers there to your Instagram feed. Alternatively, there are many instances that an Instagram user has never visited your website, so if you make your posts shoppable, it can lead them there.

The good news about Instagram is its general opportunities to allow customers to connect with you regardless of where they are, even as you take advantage of its high engagement rates.

Work smarter by re-uses marketing materials

Managing your social media accounts takes time, but today using Instagram photos in the marketing plan you have set out gives you a better chance to work smarter instead of harder.

Setting a proper social media marketing strategy is important, but you can go beyond that and begin to re-use the photos across different social media channels. This will allow you to use them as marketing images, for instance on your website, or in the form of Instagram ads. This will also reduce the trouble of making more content for each platform you are on and saves time.

Make sure your community of followers is a highly engaged one

Among the best benefits of utilizing pictures on Instagram is increasing traffic. Not just traffic, but an engaged one that proves the validity of your account and the quality of your content.

Many times, Instagram outpaces the traffic levels that other social media channels have. According to findings from social media research activities, these all confirm that Instagram beats out various sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube, as well as others.

The traffic on Instagram is a highly engaged one, and the platform itself allows you to engage directly with them. That alone improves the chances that these users will regularly come back to your Instagram feed and website for repeat buying.

For instance, if an Instagram user sees you and buys from you, the algorithm is likely to suggest you more often in their feed based on past activity, and that means they can buy items from you again.

The truth is those return customers are the most valuable you can get because of their continued loyalty to your brand. Research shows that they account for almost 33 percent of the total amounts spent in eCommerce ventures, and they tend to spend almost three times more than a first-time shopper.

Improve your marketing with user-generated content

There is a major reason why User-generated content or UGC is such a hit on the platform and on social media in general – it allows the users to feel connected to your brand in an authentic way. If you do not use this type of content, then you do not need to wait anymore – it remains one of the best ways of increasing your sales and spreading the influence of your brand.

The good thing about Instagram is that the mechanisms of taking full advantage of UGC are already in place since the platform emphasizes visual content. Many users are already creating pictures of their own and sharing them, but you can obtain permission from them and hare their content.

An example is a gym promoting users to try out its services by using photos from clients that are following the fitness lifestyle and living healthy lives. When you combine this with other strategies such as the use of hashtags, it immediately becomes a big boost to your sales, and the customers feel connected to your brand story.

Final thoughts

Instagram lends itself well to visual content, and you can use it to market your brand as long as you know how to utilize the opportunities well. Thanks to these tips, it is easy to grow your influence and increase your sales.



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