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The call center industry is booming, thanks to advancements in technology over the past 20 years and a newfound understanding of its role in business profits, but is it the right industry for you? Starting any new job or business can be a daunting task, so it helps to consider the pros and cons of any venture before you embark on a new endeavor. Here are some reasons to consider going into the virtual call center business, as well as some aspects of the work that are worth keeping in mind as you start in this new field.

What is a virtual call center?

Put simply; a virtual call center is a call center with no permanent, geographic location. This means that its agents can be spread throughout the country or globe, and are all connected through cloud-based call center software and the internet. This makes it an ideal job for people who don’t want to relocate for work but are still interested in helping provide great customer service for a brand or company they identify with.

call center jobs

What are the benefits of starting a virtual call center business?

The ability to work remotely is becoming more and more popular for workers around the world, and working in a virtual call center gives you this benefit right away. The flexibility to work where you want and still get paid a fair wage is a major boon for individuals in lower cost-of-living areas since they get to reap the benefits of low-income taxes and great pay. Flexibility in scheduling your work is also a great reason to work for a virtual call center, making it possible to have another part-time job, focus on parenting, or even pursue a hobby on your own terms. Additionally, the job takes advantage of web-based software that helps you do the job right and gives you important information about the callers you are speaking with as well as a knowledge base to help troubleshoot their issues. Finally, working with a virtual call center affords you the opportunity to work with diverse clients and industries, which can be great for employees that like a fast-paced and varied workday.

What are the risks of starting a virtual call center business?

While some people enjoy the fast-paced nature of a call center, others may become overwhelmed by the volume of support requests they need to field each day. Thankfully, call center software can help manage this workflow and can even be customized for specific types of calls, but the fact remains that for some, the call center business just isn’t a great fit. There is also the potential for several initial start-up costs in order to get into the business that may prove cost-prohibitive for some. Purchasing specialized software, hardware, and, in some cases, training, all create an obstacle for lower-income individuals interested in getting into the virtual call center business. Flexibility can also have its drawbacks, depending on the timezones you are working in, so it’s important that you plan your schedule around your work. Additionally, if your internet goes out, it can be tricky to find another place to work since you need to be in a quiet place free of interruptions. As with any business, finding clients at the inception of your work can also be a challenge.

While there are certain challenges inherent with starting work for a virtual call center, many of the above hurdles are common across all industries. Anyone looking to start a business will come across start-up costs and the need to find new clients. If you think that the pros outweigh the cons, it’s a good idea to read up more about the features prevalent in call center software. This will give you a headstart when it comes to starting your business, and help you ask better questions if you go through software training.