The first impression that a client gets when they visit your office is very important to your brand image. This is why it is important to keep your office clean and tidy all the time, something that you can manage by hiring a professional cleaning company. However, not all businesses are inclined that way, which means that the first impression they give off to customers is anything but impressive. If you are one of these businesses, below is a look at how master cleaners tackle uncleanliness to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact a commercial brand’s image.

Dirty windows, doors, and signage

Windows, doors, and signage are the first thing that a customer will see about your business, even before they enter your office. If these surfaces are not cleaned regularly, the first thing that they see will be grimy doors and windows and grimy signage that has not been cleaned for a long time. But worse than what they see is what they will think of your business – an unprofessional business that does not care about its brand image. With such an impression, there is a high chance that most customers and prospects will walk away, and even if they enter your office, you will have a hard time selling them your products and services.

On top of that, they are more than likely to tell other people about what they saw, thus ruining your brand image. And given that we are in a digital age, it is also possible for this information to find its way online, thus tarnishing your brands’ image irreparably.

To avoid such a scenario, you should always keep your outdoor surfaces clean. This way, the first thing that people see when they look at your business will be a well-kempt premise – a sign of a professional brand that cares about its image.

Dirty and run-down walls

Walls are another area of concern when it comes to your office’s cleanliness. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The paint will also start to chip, giving them a run-down look. Such a picture will give your customers and prospects a very negative image of your business. They might even feel uncomfortable being inside your office, and thus you will have a very hard time convincing them to make a purchase. Your employees, who spend a lot of time within these walls, will also have a hard time getting their work done due to the unconducive environment.

To prevent this, you should always make sure that your walls are regularly cleaned and maintained. This will keep them spotless, which will give them a fresh and inviting look. As a result, your customers and prospects will feel more welcome, while your employees will feel more at home. Keeping your walls clean will also help to keep their maintenance and repair costs low, which will be a huge bonus for your business.

Dirty floors, carpets, and furniture

Another area that says a lot about your brand is your office’ floors and furniture. If you are planning to hold a meeting with a client, the last thing you want them to see is dirty floors, torn carpets, and worn-out furniture. For starters, they will view your brand as unprofessional, irresponsible, and uncaring. They will also be very uncomfortable, and you will have a very hard time convincing them to stay long enough for you to win them over.

Dirty floors are thus a big no when it comes to your office space. Make sure that you have a professional cleaning company that comes in regularly to clean your floors, daily if possible. If you have any carpets in your office, make sure that they are cleaned, maintained, and well cared for.


Dirty and/or broken cups and glasses

So, you have decided to offer your customers some refreshments. This is a great way to show off your brand as welcoming and caring. However, the impression on the guests can be very negative if you are serving them with dirty and worn cups and glassware. The damage to your brand’s image can even be more devastating if you are in the restaurant business – where customers are known for leaving scathing negative reviews online when they are not satisfied with the service.

To ensure that your brand image remains positive, you should always ensure that your cups, glassware, and other food and beverage utensils are as clean as the rest of your workspace.

Dirty and foul-smelling washrooms

Having washrooms in your office space can be a great plus for your business, but it can be more trouble than it is worth if they are not kept clean. Unlike other spaces, washrooms accumulate dirt very easily, requiring them to be cleaned daily, or even several times a day depending on the usage.

Should you fail to have your business’ washroom cleaned regularly, what you will get is one foul-smelling space, which can even make your office inhabitable. It can also easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and other disease-causing micro-organisms, which can lead to your employees being sick. Worse, your business can receive a health code violation, which can be quite damaging to its reputation and brand image.

Therefore, if there are any washrooms in your office, you should make sure that they are regularly cleaned. They should also be well-stocked with toiletries, and any garbage bags should be promptly and properly disposed of before they fill up.

When it comes to offices, clean spaces are paramount. Failure to maintain cleanliness can have a very negative first impression on anyone who enters your office, which can greatly affect your brand image. And once the negative reputation about your brand spreads, the damage can be too much. Fortunately, you can be able to avoid all of these problems by hiring reliable office cleaners. A good cleaning company will clean your office spaces to the highest hygienic stands, ensuring that your customers and potential customers perceive your business most positively.