Do you love photography but dread editing your photos? Are you tired of trying to figure out the confusing features of many photo editing apps and software?

The great news is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find simple photo editing software that’s easy for anyone to use.  The photo editing tools below are some great choices for simple yet powerful photo management software.

Keep reading to find out our top five simple photo editing picks!

Adobe Spark: Graphic Design and Photo Editing

Adobe Spark is best known for its incredible design features, but it’s also a fantastic free online photo editor.

Whether you’re designing a graphic for social media or a flyer to be printed, wouldn’t you like to have the option to edit your photos directly within the design app? With Adobe Spark, you can just open your photos directly into a new Spark Post-project and edit them within the project. No need for a separate photo organizing software!

You’ll have the ability to make all the same edits that other photo software offer: adjusting contrast, hues, saturation, brightness, etc. As you add other elements to the project, you’ll be able to see how the photo looks with the rest of the design, and edit as you go.

Snapseed: Simple Photo Editing for Mobile

If you’re looking for a free raw photo editor for mobile use, the Snapseed app is an excellent option.

For a free app, Snapseed offers quite a lot! There are several built-in filters (known as “Looks”) which allow you to give an overall edit to your photo in one tap. When you dive into the “Tools,” you’ll find even more filters that can be adjusted and added to photos.

The selective “healing” tool allows you to “erase” unwanted elements within your photos by blending them into the background. Brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and other standard photo editing tools are also available on Snapseed.


Luminar is a unique photo editing tool with AI software that is designed to make the photo editing process as fast as possible.

It has cool features like “Sky Replacement” which can re-color an entire photo to create a more beautiful landscape, or “Skin Enhancer” to retouch skin with just one click. There’s even a “Sunrays” feature if you want to add a bit more sunshine to your cloudy day!

Adobe Photoshop Elements: Perfect for Entry-Level Photographers

For those who are into photography as a hobby, Adobe’s Photoshop Elements provides you with many of the same powerful tools as their signature Photoshop project. However, Photoshop Elements has a more user-friendly interface.

You can actually work in 3 different edit modes in Photoshop Elements:

  • Quick Mode — for all the “quick” edits like cropping photos or adding filters
  • Guided Mode — takes you to step by step through complex edits
  • Expert Mode — where you can access even more complex tools like layers

Photoshop Elements is not free, but with its one-time purchase

Pixlr: Quick and Powerful Online Photo Editing

Pixlr is a great choice for beginners who are looking for quick and easy photo editing.

This online photo restoration software offers a simple, easy-to-use interface. It’s a great go-to for all the basics: cropping photos, adjusting brightness and contrast, removing objects, etc.

The one downside to Pixlr is that there’s no Pixlr desktop version, but there is a mobile version!

Enjoy Your Editing! 

We hope these simple photo editing tools will be helpful in streamlining your photo editing process. Check back often for more tips like these!