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Ransomware refers to security attacks made by hackers on a user’s computer system which results in confiscation of user’s important data and files. This data is released after the user pays them the ransom as per their demand. To combat such security issues, users must install cybersecurity software such as zonealarm anti ransomware.

Zonealarm anti-ransomware works protect a user’s device against cybersecurity threats by performing periodic checks on your system. It restores any encrypted files it finds and keeps tabs on your online payment portals to avoid data leakage.

History of Ransomware

It all began in 2012 when users of certain forums saw big locks appearing on their monitor screens locking them out of their current surfing sessions. The locks were preceded by a message to pay off a certain amount as a ransom to get access to their data back again.

The perpetrators of this crime acted like a security agency such as police or FBI and made people pay them the money to get their important data back. Later, this was realized and diagnosed as a kidnapping virus whose main aim was to bully people into paying the ransom amount.

After this incident, may more ransomware incidents followed and people were scammed this way. Consequently, the need for anti-ransomware was felt and addressed.

Who Do the Ransomware Mongers Target?

Ransomware creators are more interested in getting cash out of big clients. Therefore they target corporate clients with huge amounts of confidential data and protected system files. They are not interested in home users who lack the ability to pay huge sums of ransom they demand.

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How Is The Ransomware Delivered To The System?

Ransomware is planted into a user’s system very intelligently. Most victims are unaware of the files downloaded in the backdrop of their systems via harmful websites. Users don’t really need to do anything to get infected by this malicious software. It keeps tabs on your browser history and gathers information from inside sources. Then it appears in a seemingly harmless email, calling for a download.

Once a user clicks on such emails or attachments which come with them, they are infected with the virus without sounding off the alarm. This is because ransomware is designed to remain hidden until the data kidnappers gain access to all of a user’s data. Once they get access to it, they will be able to easily lock the user out of their own computer unless payment is made.

Other than emails, the millions of small ads appearing on various websites can also consist of various ransomware.

What is the Solution to Ransomware?

The only solution to ransomware is downloading a good anti-ransomware software such as the one mentioned above. There are no other ways about it. This is because ransomware is engineered so intelligently that users often fail to identify them. However, good anti-ransomware software can easily identify a potential ransomware threat and clear off the already existing ones.