Granola is the new trend cereal, famous in all social media. It wouldn’t be new to you if I told you that most of the online influencers share the greatest and mouthwatering pictures of this kind of mealtime. The snack, which contains wealth health of benefits, is popularly served in many ways. Red fruits, yogurt, milkshakes, pancakes, it only stops with your imagination since you can use it however you feel like. Besides being the new famous trend amongst Instagram life accounts, this rolled of oat, helps to improve your health in ways you might not even know.

What is granola composed of? The food itself is composed by oat groats that have been pressed flat and steamed and puffed rice. Depending on the different products available in the market, it might contain honey, nuts or even chocolate. All this mixture is well baked until it becomes crispy and can then be used conveniently for an energy snack. Usually, granola is used and oriented to outdoor groups of people, such as bikers, campers, hikers, guides or someone who wants to take a bite on something and has no other option. However, granola is not “the other option” but the option to consider to your good health function.

First, the nutritional value of granola is incredibly complete and full of nutrients including dietary fiber. Sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron are the minerals that compose the granola. Additionally, the cereal contains vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin and thiamin. We cannot lie about the fact that some sugar is involved in snack bars. However, the amount of it is nothing compared to all the nutrients mentioned before. You shouldn’t also be against sugar if you want a real boost in your body!

At home, you can also take granola to your daily diet. The snack is often combined with yogurt, banana, strawberries or even mixed in other cereals. It has a delicious taste anyhow you want to serve it with, and it’s versatile for various meals. But what are the reals benefits of granola to your health?

As a digestive aid component, granola helps to boost your fiber intake and balances your digestion. It stimulates the intestinal system, smoothing the muscles and helping you regulate your body in case of constipation. Furthermore, fiber can reduce the occurrence of diarrhea. Your health will also beneficiate with this new routine since fiber cleans the arteries from cholesterol or omega-6 acids.

As a constipation solution, the granola will aid you in losing weight. The fiber in granola makes your body feel full due to its bulks of food and absorbs a large amount of water. Consequently, your appetite will be reduced. If you are that kind of person who sometimes feels hungry out of the blue, you can always choose the granola snack solution.

Cancer and anemia prevention are two other benefits of granola. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that generally boosts the immune system, stimulating white blood cells and preventing cancer from forming or be spread all over your organism. Investigators also relate this protection benefit to the manganese, which is existing in the cereal. The quantity of iron, on the other hand, can help to prevent anemia, a condition that affects millions of people around the globe.

Aging and time will certainly pass by you and leave some “battlefield marks.” Referring now about the marks you can significantly notice in your body and skin, granola acts as a warrior from premature aging, wrinkles, sunburn and even strengthens capillary walls. The blood flow of your body will likewise be affected by eating this ailment. Plasma will go easier to your body extremities. Expect improvements in your nails and hair follicles.

Regardless of all the clear benefits of adopting granola in your daily diet, you should continuously and carefully read the composition of the products available in the market. You shouldn’t either overeat granola. The exaggeration may lead to some less good health issues. Cooking your own granola at home is one option to guaranty you know from 100% what you are eating.

Next time you need a healthy snack, consider looking for some granola instead of another packaged artificial treat. Not only your health will improve, but also you can bet your wallet with also be thankful.