Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners
Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Are you thinking of getting started with swing trading and investments? Make it easy! Read more to learn about the top five best stock apps for beginners.

People earn money from the stock market every day. Are you interested, but intimidated by the process? Are you worried about your financial investment? Like many areas of life, knowledge is power when it comes to the stock market.

That’s why you need the best stock apps for beginners. You don’t have the ability to handle advanced aspects of the stock market but can master the basics.

With these apps, you’ll make your first trade in no time, follow it and make educated decisions on buying and selling. These apps are an investment in your future, so check out the best stock trading apps.

The Best Stock Apps for Beginners Starts with Robinhood

Robinhood was first designed as a mobile app with the website coming along later. It has the best interface for beginners. It also has free stock trades, and free is always better.

The app tracks your currently owned stocks and keeps an eye on stocks you’re interested in buying. It has a simple trading interface where you click on the stock you want, enter your trade and you own it. No trading fees or commissions involved.

Acorn for First Time Stock Traders

If you don’t have the capital for investing, then Acorn helps get the money for stocks. You connect your bank account, and acorn rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar.

This extra change goes into your Acorn account to invest. If you have money already saved, you can transfer it as well.

You fill out a questionnaire to determine your stock identity. It creates a portfolio of stocks and bonds that is broad and diverse.

Stockpile is the Best App for Families

Many people become interested in the stock market for their children. They want to start something for them but don’t know how to do it. Stockpile is perfect for the family that wants to create their own portfolio but also start something for their children.

It’s like many apps in that you can sell and buy stocks, but you also gift stocks or buy fractions of stocks. You can buy a fraction of stock like Google, which is high value and then gift stocks to children and family.

You can make stock trading a family adventure.

TradeHero Lets You Learn Investing Like A Game

If you don’t know anything about the stock market and don’t want to spend your real money, then try TradeHero. It’s an app that follows the real-time prices of the stock market.

You get $100,000 investment of fake money to spend. It’s like a stock video game where you invest, track your gains and losses, etc., but don’t spend real money or buy stocks. The benefit is you learn the ins and outs of the market without making an investment.

TD Ameritrade Is Perfect for Those with Experience

If you have a little knowledge or experience with the stock market, then try TD Ameritrade’s app. It provides more information, charts, etc., then other apps on this list. This is both a benefit and a curse.

Too much information is confusing and overwhelming for those without knowledge of the market. It’s best for people with some stock market familiarity because it allows for options trading and more advanced procedures.

Choose the Best App for Your Needs

Each of these apps works well in different situations. Choose the one that best reflects your investment needs. The best stock apps for beginners is a mix of learning and automation.

The goal is to begin your stock adventure, but also teach you to make your own decisions.  If you want to learn more about investing, then explore our site.