lovkis1973 (CC0), Pixabay

The red hibiscus is found frequently around the world. The single, red bloom consists of many different cultural and spiritual meanings states Dennis of Tn Nursery, a mail-order nursery selling these plants for 60+ years.. For example, if a young lady is wearing the hibiscus of the red coloring in her right ear, this means she currently has a lover. If she chooses to place the flower behind her left ear, it is intended that she is seeking a lover. This tradition comes from Hawaii, where the hibiscus flowers are closely associated with the mind. Another meaning behind the flower is that in the Hindu worship, the flower is given to their goddess as an offering. Also, in Singapore, it is looked upon as the symbol for celebration.

The Rose of Sharon, another name for the red hibiscus, can grow up to 12 to 18 inches with regular watering and care each year. The flower grows near a foot each year, resulting in a more significant, maximum height. Because the flower proliferates, it can become 8 to 12 feet high, which is the maximum height. The flowers are known to be drought resistant but need regular care and fertilization treatment to grow to their full potential. This Althea, another name for the flower, is very commonly grown all around the world. They tend to bloom around mid to late summer. These are tropical plants, so they tend to grow in warmer weather. The flower is more

tolerant than most flowers. The Rose of Sharon is determined as hardy in zone 5 through 8 and in zone 9 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the plant hardiness zones.

The Althea can be used for health issues as well. These flowers are very imperative to treating anything from colds, appetite loss, heart and nerve diseases, irritation of the stomach, etc. The various parts of the flower are used in many foods and beverages, especially tea. The flower can also make jams, spices, and juices such as Karkade in Egypt. The flower is very useful in medicine, culture, and decoration.

The brightly colored flower can be placed anywhere in the home or outdoors for decoration. For example, use the flower as a table decoration or place the flower on the counter. This will create a fun and uplifting environment with the red hibiscus’s bright hue. Proper care must be done. The flower must stay trimmed and kept warm, for they are wild and tropical plants. The plants will also not get as big indoors because they are tropical and grow almost the size of dinner plates in places such as Hawaii or California. Though challenging to handle, the flowers are great decor and add fresh air to the environment.

In the end, the Althea i s a great plant to use for decoration, medicines, and is looked upon as necessary in many different cultures.