We mostly assume that marijuana is used for recreational purposes. But research says that marijuana is extremely helpful in treating several medical conditions.

Some states in the USA have already legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. And people are even allowed to grow cannabis at homes in some states. As a result, cannabis-infused edibles are very commonly used there. For instance, you can find cannabis-infused butter i.e. cannabutter, then olive oil, cookies, and honey-infused marijuana meant for consumption. To get the potency of cannabis right in your edibles, cooking with a THC calculator is recommended for the best results. This way, people who try to avoid medicines as much as possible can easily improve their health conditions by using cannabis in a “not-so-obvious manner”.

However, cannabis or marijuana is still a matter of controversy among many people. Utter the word “cannabis”, and people will get a wrong impression almost immediately. And that’s why this blog is typically interesting because the therapeutic usage of cannabis is more widespread than you think.

Serious ailments like the following can be treated with marijuana.

  • Epilepsy – Medical marijuana contains cannabinoids which are active chemicals that imitate the bodily functions involved with appetite, movement, memory, and pain. These chemicals are the actual workers that help to alleviate several medical conditions such as anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and much more. Although, research is going on and there is still a lot to infer but marijuana has shown positive results in treating severe epileptic seizures.
  • Multiple sclerosis – In some cases, marijuana has shown results in treating multiple sclerosis as well. Multiple sclerosis is a nervous system disorder that leads to severe muscle spasms, pain, vision problems, numbness, and tingling sensation on the tip of the fingers, depression, anxiety, and so on. In the US alone, around 66% of patients with MS use medical marijuana to reduce muscle spasms and chronic pain, and most of them feel it works on them. However, more research is afoot to prove its effectiveness definitively.
  • Cancer – Pain induced due to cancer can be very painful and marijuana has shown some positive results in treating the debilitating pain. Also, marijuana can control the side effects of cancer treatment because chemotherapy, radiation, etc. impact the vitality for the patient experiences loss of appetite and vomits a lot; nausea is a constant companion along with weight loss and much worse issues.
  • Insomnia – People use marijuana to treat insomnia and the best part is patients have reported that they sleep well when they take marijuana within the permissible limits. People who have insomnia due to sleep apnea, pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, and so on can use marijuana and expect some positive results at least.
  • PTSD – It is a fact known to all that cannabis uplifts the mood and the calming effect or the euphoria is ineffable. People with post-traumatic stress disorder choose marijuana therapy to make their condition less severe.

There are other common disorders such as Parkinson’s diseases, colitis, migraines, and much more that are treated with marijuana but nothing can be said conclusively as a lot needs to be researched as yet.