Discreet Microphones
Discreet Microphones

Radical shifts in demographics cause fundamental changes in products. Presently, the Western world has entered an era where most of the population will become older. The 2010 Census data alerted industry and government that by 2050, 20.9 percent of the population will be 65 plus years old. Right in the middle of home buying/leasing, careers, and getting married Millennials must take care of aging parents. Without panic, Millennials exquisitely and innovatively have devised some ways to deal with that. The generation came up with the idea of smart homes. In these smart homes, a series of devices exist that can help people. One of the technologies that have rapidly integrated into people’s homes has been listening devices.

Usage of Discreet Microphones

Once the realm of spy novels and spy agencies discreet microphones have moved into homes for more utilitarian purposes. Parents of this generation like to give children some freedom but with all the warnings daily and unsolicited advice often from divorced Baby Boomers, Millennials found comfort in listening device technology.

Information comes at people at an astounding rate. Rather than note taking a listening device can record conferences, training sessions and verbal agreements. With police, doctor’s or legal matters once a professional becomes informed important information can become recorded then later transferred to a computer for dictating into text. It saves an immense amount of time letting devices do that work and yet makes it easy to retrieve the information.

The communication process in the devices does not occur just one way. Many of the devices have multiple purposes as in giving a weather report or playing a country night full of crickets and frog sounds. Just as equally aging parents who like to wander can be kindly watched over with a discreet device to have independence, children playing in other areas can become gently tracked, so good parenting takes place. The realization that people come and go in life due to work, death or conflict has many people recording their conversations for the time when that cannot be interactive.

Types of Listening Devices

Basic discreet microphones come in many forms and have an array of pricing.

Flash drive recorders look like a typical USB data transfer thumb drive. It has an on-off switch for one-touch recording with a battery for double-digit hours of recording. Most do not use flashlight so as not to attract attention. It can later transfer the conversation to the computer.

Business listening devices sometimes have omnidirectional recording and rotate. Others have a more rectangular prism design. Many come with a clip to attach to clothing. Created to record a wide range of frequency responses it can even capture sounds of Podcasts or chatting on devices. Many do plug and play into computing devices.

Handheld digital voice recorder /listening device look like a half-sized cellphone. It has a screen with a digital display of information, but instead of a numbered keypad, it will have a series of buttons to adjust sound, output or start/stop recording. Most have batteries now with at least one hour of recording. It can fit in a pocket and record or be left on the shelf of an area to record sound discretely.

Disguised microphones look like another object. A popular favorite lists as the ballpoint pen. It often has an independent voice-activated feature, so no visible movements to show recording has begun. Many of the ballpoints pens write as well as record.

In a device, microphones have names like Alexa, Echo, talking dolls like Barbie or Hey Siri. These devices will interact with most users as in recording and responding. Many smart technology devices inside the circuitry have a listening device.

Which One to Buy?

First, assess what the device will be used for and why. Then decide if it can sit on a shelf, wall or if it needs to be put on a mobile person. If the discerning device’s purpose becomes to monitor a room someone who is in it may not need to be the most sophisticated or even hidden. If it needs hiding, then small becomes better or even disguised as something else. If using to track an elderly adult who may wander further than they should and then need help clipped on the clothing may be best. That way they can chat while they jaunt.

Be Aware

The laws have not caught up to the discreet microphone usages. Many of the devices send information back to manufacturers. So, decide if that matters and if it does use devices with chips detached from sending data to manufacturers. Some information such as medical or intellectual are covered by law and can be used in a court. If a murder happens, courts can request the devices for evidence. In most cases, the discerning devices do utilitarian jobs well and offer a kind way to check. Be aware the recording of conversations have monetary value and are evidence in court cases.