Poker is one of the oldest card games around. Even though it is old it is still one of the most beloved. And, this is probably because people are still discovering things about the game. Even seasoned professionals are still learning. Poker is always and will always continue to evolve. One of the reasons that it is evolving is because technology is evolving. As technology grows it gives players access to more and more resources that they would have never had access to in the past. For instance, look at the following poker apps and everything that they have to offer the traditional player and how they can improve anyone’s game.


With the free version, you are limited, but even the free version of SnapShove includes everything that a conventional tournament player would need. Even with the free version, you will be privy to all 9 handed shove decisions, which is a useful tool that anyone can take advantage of. There are intuitive training modules that will test and help improve your push/fold knowledge. Not only this, but it will remind you when the ranges are complete. One perfect example of the usefulness of this app is that it will layout the push/fold for just about any hand.

ABC Open Face Poker App

Chinese poker is a game that is growing more and more popular by the day. There are now even a number of reputable online providers like judi online that are setting up entire tournaments based around this game. They are not only exciting, but they are lucrative. Want to get in on the action, but don’t know how or where to start? Don’t worry because that is where the ABC app will come in handy. This app is great for learning this version of poker, as it will let you play against friends or a talented AI that will keep you on your toes at all times. Every version of the game, including regular Chinese poker, Pineapple, and 2-7 Middle Open Face are available with this one. The only kicker is that players can play one game at a time for free, but if they want to handle multiple hands at once, they will need to upgrade for a one-time purchase.

PokerGo App

If you want access to some of the biggest tournaments from around the world, look no further than the PokerGo App. First off, you know you are getting quality with this app because the creators have their name on tons of other quality poker apps as well. Players will be privy to Russian, German, and English commentary with a plethora of replay and vaulted streams. You can go back and watch or re-watch some of the biggest tournaments in the world to see how the pros react in different situations. The only downside to this one is that there is a membership fee, which will be well worth it.

Preflop + Poker

Preflop + Poker might be at the bottom, but it is probably the best on the list. There is tons of insane content like Nash Charts for Shoves as well as Calling from 5BBs-30BBs, Equity Drills, Nash training, Pot Odds testing, and tons more. However, the best features have to be hands down the math tools. This app gives you access to a variety of math tools, but it is the Equity calculator that really stands out. This one allows you to work out how much equity you have compared to your opponent’s range or exact hand. The Pro version might run you a couple of dollars a month, but if you use it, it is more than worth it.