Beautiful Sari Girl
Beautiful Sari Girl

Sari is a type of traditional outfit which is worn in different styles by women of different cultural or regional backgrounds. The basic idea is to wrap it around the waist and drape it on one shoulder, but this is done in different styles and ways. Most women love this apparel because it is comfortable and adds a certain sense of elegance to the aura of a lady. It is unique and can be draped in a number of ways. A woman wearing a sari is sure to catch many eyes as she looks amazing and attractive in this ensemble. Sari is timeless attire. It can be worn on different occasions as it is versatile. Be it your wedding, a wedding you’re attending, a family function or a religious ceremony, it is the right choice for each of these. Although it is a traditional outfit, people have modified it and wear it in what is known as Indo-Western way. The sari has now become very popular ethnic attire across the world.

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Women love sari, and it is difficult to find one who does not remember the first time she wore it, the occasion and its importance. Sari is significant in every woman’s life. Her first sari could be a gift from her father or husband or some important person in her life. It might also be occasionally important such as a birthday or wedding. It has a lot of memories attached with it like the simplicity or difficulty she faced while wearing it, the jewelry she wore along with it and a lot more. It could be as simple as a college farewell, but the photographs of a girl wearing a sari for the first time for farewell are something she treasures. It is amazing how six yards of a cloth can have so much meaning in the life of a person. This piece of clothing has a traditional and cultural value attached to it making it even more memorable and important for a woman.


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Most of the times before leaving the house you are often in a state of confusion as you are unable to decide the right outfit according to the occasion. A lot of women want to wear a sari but are a little unsure about how they would carry it and how they would look in a sari. But the fact is that a woman of any size, shape or color looks immensely magnificent and gorgeous when wearing a sari. This ethnic Indian wear assures you a glamorous yet elegant look when you enter the doors. Of course, you look beautiful in whatever you wear, but sari adds to your beauty. It is not only the ease with which it can be worn but the level of comfort and versatility that it offers. Also, it is available from the street shops to designer showrooms and with the right amount of confidence you can carry both equally well.

Some things that can be kept in mind while selecting sari that suits you are-

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  • A woman who is curvy and has fat deposits around the waist and stomach and heavier bust, which is known as a V-shaped body that is having a heavier bottom portion can prefer dark colors and silk saris over light colors and avoid sleeveless blouses and cotton saris. They should prefer draping higher around the waistline and wear a longer blouse as it conceals the fatty areas. Silk saris are the right choice for you.
  • A woman with a heavier bottom, which is referred to as an egg-shaped body should select sari which is made of chiffon and georgette as it balances the body proportion. Also, they should go for a straight pallu and sari with vertical patterns or smaller prints and beautiful borders.
  • A woman who is overweight should opt for full sleeves sari and wear darker shades. Preferable sari would be that made of chiffon or silk.

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  • A woman with a comparatively lighter build can go for colors like beige and fawn and blouses made from net material as it adds to your beauty. You can try blouses of different styles like halter neck, backless blouse, saris with big bold prints and cholis.
  • A woman with curves should go for light colors with beads and embroidery and try materials like georgette, net, and chiffon.
  • You can choose the right color of your sari according to your skin tone. A woman with a wheatish complexion would look absolutely gorgeous in a sari which has hues of golden, bronze, beige and white. A woman with a darker complexion can go lighter shades of copper and gold.

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There are some tips you should follow in order to look extremely beautiful in this Indian attire:

  • It is paramount you know how to pleat your sari properly as if it is done well, half your job is done well. You can arrange your pallu into pleats or leave it loose depending on your taste.
  • Try to go for fabrics that have a natural grace and drape beautifully around your body like chiffon, crepe, georgette or satin instead of cotton or organza.
  • Going for darker colors will keep you on the safe side. Lighter colors can or cannot look good, but dark colors suit every body type and so are safe bets to make.
  • Try avoiding prints that are too big and bold, instead go for small prints that are spread across the material.
  • Thin and subtle borders look graceful and make you look sleek whereas thick borders might be eye-catching but can make you look wider.
  • Three-quarter sleeves give certain elegance to your look, and long sleeves make you look taller. Also, short sleeves are a bit old-fashioned.
  • Tying the sari below the navel gives an illusion of an elongated body and makes women look prettier.

StyleCaret is where you find a collection of saris from which you can definitely find something that suits your body type.