Using bongs is the best way of smoking herbs. However, people have the knack to search for new possible options. Change in style of smoking depends on the device that you use. Not just change in smoking style, but people often look for portability. With regular bongs, portability cannot be attained. If the bong is made with glass, it will be challenging to travel with that. So, instead of bongs, you need to look for alternative options. In such cases, glass bubblers for sale can be the best choice.

Why Are Vape Pens a Favorite?

Bubblers can be referred to as portable and single-piece instruments for smoking herbs. They make smoking herbs a good experience. It is a blend between a bong and a water pipe. Bubblers feature a mouthpiece, a stem, bowl, and chamber. The chamber holds water, which acts as a natural filter for bubblers. If you use cold water or ice, you will get cold smoke. The hit and flavor will be extremely enjoyable in that case. When it comes to buying bubblers, you need to know about different kinds of bubblers that are available at the stores. Moreover, it is also important to know a few things about them to make the best use of them.

Benefits of Using the Bubblers

Using bubblers has a lot of benefits. In the following section, those benefits are listed so that you can have a look at them.

* Affordable: If you are looking for an elegant bong, it would be an expensive purchase for you. But, you can easily get a classy bubbler at a pretty affordable price in the marketplace. They are small and sleek. Hence, they do not pinch your pocket hard.

* Filter: Though bubblers are small in size, they come with an effective filtration system. Due to the presence of filters, smoking becomes a smoother experience.

* Availability: As a buyer, you shall find plenty of options for purchasing bubblers. The availability of different types of bubblers gives a chance to passionate smokers to choose a perfect product as per their liking.

Different Types of Bubblers

In the marketplace, you will discover that bubblers are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Moreover, various materials are used for manufacturing them. Glass made bubblers are quite common, and they look classy too. However, you have many other options. There are bamboo bubblers, plastic or fiber bubblers, metallic bubblers, and many more. In terms of design, you can find the following variations of bubblers in the marketplace.

* Hammer: As the name suggests, the bubbler looks like a hammer. It is quite classy, and the base of the bubbler comes with the chamber to hold water for filtering purposes.

* Sherlock: Since this type of bubblers reminds the shape of the smoking pipe of Sherlock Holmes, it is known as Sherlock Bubbler.

* Pendant: If you are looking for perfect portability, then nothing can beat the pendant bubblers. They are small, and they look like a ring or pendant.

* Sidecar: In this type of bubbler, the water chamber is big. The stem and mouthpiece are attached to the water chamber. It looks unique and is easy to be carried as well.

* Double Bubblers: In such bubblers, you will find two chambers instead of one. That means smoke will get filtered twice. Hence, you will find the smoke to be smoother to inhale.

* Concentrates: This product is ideal for you when you like smoking essential oils and concentrates instead of dry herbs.


This is the feature that makes bubblers so worthy of investing in and popular among the buyers. It is difficult to carry a glass bong when you are traveling. On a sharp contrast, bubblers are easy to carry. Technically, bubblers and bongs are not the same things. Though both of them are used for smoking herbs, they have their own unique features. Bubblers use water for the purpose of filtering the smoke. This mechanism is similar to bongs. But there are a lot of differences too. Bubblers are smaller in size. That is why they are portable.

The legality of Bubblers and Vape Pens

Smoking tobacco or herbs are legal in many countries and states. You cannot smoke in public places in different countries. Carrying bubblers or vape pens is not illegal. However, there are bans or restrictions on some kinds of weeds or herbs. You need to know all these legal things before you carry your herbs or tobacco for international traveling.

Heating Methods and Maintenance

Based on the heating methods, vape pens are divided into two sections. These sections are:

* Conduction: In this case, you can control the heating of the vape pen. You can lower down the temperature intensity. You can also increase the heating as per your requirement.

* Convection: Such vape pens do not let you control the heating intensity. You cannot change the temperature as per your needs.

Maintenance of diamond glass gavel hammer bubbler is simple and convenient. A simple dry cloth can be used for cleaning the bubbler. However, the problem is that bubblers are mostly single-piece instruments. So, it is often difficult to clean the interior of the bubblers. Cleaning bongs and pipes are simpler, as they are not single-piece devices.

Bottom Line

At the conclusion note, it has to be said that bubblers are excellent alternatives to the smoking instruments, like bongs. The main reason why people purchase bubblers is portability. You can simply slide a bubbler inside your pocket, and go wherever you want.