If there is anything in this world that never loses value from the moment it is created, it would be shipping containers. They begin their lives hauling cargo from one continent to another for years. Once they have served that purpose, they can be converted into shelters, and once they have served that purpose, that metal can be fashioned into something else entirely. That is the true definition of versatility. The following are some of the most innovative uses of shipping containers.

Houses and Living Shelters

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Houses made from repurposed shipping containers have become a huge hit in urban settlements around the world. Container houses are not only stylish, but they are cheap and have less impact on the environment, two things that will excite anyone in the current world. Among the many container house manufacturers globally, the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is JJC Enterprise in China; you can click here to view all their unique creations.

Schools and Learning Centers

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When it comes to setting up schools and learning centers for underprivileged people around the world, shipping containers have proved to be a very viable option. They are easy to acquire and set up, meaning a majority of the funds can be directed towards purchasing more learning materials. Another reason why shipping containers are preferred in this case is their safety. They are made of steel that cannot collapse easily and are resistant to fires.

Retail Stores

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Shops modeled out of shipping containers have become a common feature in urban centers, especially in market places. The reason why they score highly among retailers is that they are cheap and easy to set up. They can also be stacked on top of each other, thus saving space for other things. They also have the right amount of surface area for any kind of branding to be plastered on, saving you the costs of having to rent out a billboard.

Restaurants and Bars

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Seeing how easy it is to transport them to any site you want, you can fashion out a restaurant or bar out of a single container or a combination of several to create a big eatery. Some of the most amazing restaurants are fashioned out shipping containers. The only thing you will have to do is acquire the required permits on the land you plan to set it all up. If you are looking to have a minibar within your property, you can easily set up a container and customize it to your taste, inviting friends over the weekend for a good time.

Student Housing

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Getting accommodation as a university student can be hectic. The ones nearest to the institution are usually priced way too high for a self- reliant student to afford. There is also the problem of limited space due to high enrollments every year, with students taking up all the available accommodation provided by the school. To address this problem, shipping containers can be converted into stylish student bodies to suit their needs. They can be stacked up to create an apartment with small partitions that can comfortably accommodate a single student.

Commercial Offices

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Most commercial offices are built using the conventional mortar and brick, but recent designs have started incorporating containers into the designs to create a beautiful mishmash of concrete and metal. The boxes can be used to extend office spaces, jutting out into the air to create hanging offices that are anchored into the main pillars of the building. They can also be used to create office partitions inside the building as an alternative to concrete walls.

Portable Toilets

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When it comes to events involving huge crowds, like concerts or expos, the need for portable toilets is always high. Shipping containers can be designed into toilets that can be easily transported to any event at a moment’s notice. What makes them a good option is their size; rather than cutting them down into smaller compartments, they can be converted into one big washroom with partitions inside, just like a normal communal washroom facility.

A Swimming Pool

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A typical shipping container measures about 8ft wide and 9ft high; you can easily turn one into a small swimming pool for your property. Creating this is much easier than having to dig into the ground. You can turn the walls into glass and add tiles on the floors and the walls before filling it with water, creating the perfect DIY swimming pool for your family. If a bigger pool is your kind of thing, combine several containers and create one big water container.

An Indoor Garden

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Setting up a greenhouse is too much work and unnecessary expense, why not convert that ideal container into an indoor garden? Not only will it be eco-friendly, but it will also be very stylish, a place you can spend quiet time in taking in the fresh air given off by plants. You could end up being self-sufficient by growing your own food.


The structures you can create out of shipping containers are unlimited; the ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. People are getting more innovative. As natural resources like and continue to dwindle, new construction ways have to be invented; so far, shipping containers are playing the alternative role perfectly.