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You’re a fireball and can’t stand sitting still. But when joint pain kicks in, it slows you down and will eventually affect even your mood. When this happens, what can you do for joint pain relief and treatment, it especially when it’s become chronic? What causes it so that you can try to avoid such causes as well?

Joint Pain Causes

1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis or OA occurs due to the breaking down of cartilage. Cartilage is crucial because they act as a cushion, a kind of shock absorber whenever you apply force or pressure to these parts of your body.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

The other possible cause of joint pain is Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA happens when your own immune system starts to attack the member or the protector that lines and surrounds each joint. If not treated, it can worsen over time and become debilitating.

Now, there are a number of other possible causes of joint pain, some more severe than the rest.

It may also be a result of intense pressure applied to them such as in heavy workouts, prolonged standing, running, etc.

That being said, such strains may also be symptoms of underlying ailments. Hence, if the pain continues to escalate, be sure to visit your physician for a checkup in order for you to know what the root cause is.

Joint Pain Relief

1. Topicals

We can’t stress this anymore than we’re doing now because topicals are our absolute favorite in getting rid of the discomfort that joint pain brings about. They usually contain salicylates, an ingredient known for its ability to reduce inflammation and swelling.

When said inflammation decreases, so will joint pain along with it. At the same time, there are creams, gel, or lotions that help with blood flow. When blood circulation is in stable mode, it will act as a deterrent against tension in and around your joints.

2. Weight Loss Through Exercise And Diet

The duo that many are tired of hearing altogether. Yet there’s no way to shun them to the side, folks. These two are vital in your body’s overall well-being. But beyond this and in the context of joint relief, they’re the most natural way to alleviate yourself of such discomforts.

When your body is heavier than what your average weight according to your height should be, you’ll start to overwork not just your joints but your bones and muscles, even your internal bodily systems. This overwork will eventually wear you out since your body parts have limitations to what they can and cannot do.

Due to this, they’ll begin to weaken and over time, may go through wear-and-tear. Before this even happens, manage your weight today. Be more mindful about avoiding bad carbs and fats, sugars, and too-salty, processed food. In parallel to this, have an exercise regimen in place. 30 minutes a day, every other day or three to four times a week is a good start. Though if you can push is so that you’ll exercise for longer bouts and more days, all the better.

Workouts naturally and very literally move your joints and muscles and stop them from stiffening and tightening as you age.

3. Other Medications

For more serious causes of joint pain, your doctor might prescribe strong medications that can be taken orally or through steroidal injectables. As for this, be sure to consult with your doctor to find out with medication is suitable for your condition.