The Complete Guide to Selling a Salvaged Car for the Most Cash Possible


The United States with subject to more than 6million road accidents occurring annually, reports suggest that 1 out of 7 vehicle ends up in a total loss. With repairs reaching to costing 75% of the actual cash value, such salvaged vehicles must be disposed of. However, a salvaged title on a vehicle can lead to many hindrances.

One of the most trusted sources to calculate accurate automotive history report for a salvaged title vehicle is Carfax. It helps in figuring out details as such if the car has a defect in its title, the number of the reported mileage it has covered. Moreover, it provides details on if the vehicle has been subject to an accident or damage. However, it does not provide details on an accident that were not reported

It is legally not allowed for a vehicle to be driven by an individual of it is declared a total loss. It is eminent that the damage is repaired and sent to the nearest DMV for a complete inspection. Minor damage of a cosmetic nature may not be too much of an issue, however, it is subject to extensive damage it may be beneficial for one to sell the call at market price.

Reasons for a car to end up as salvage varies in different aspects of places. One of the major mechanical issues is simply an engine one. Rattling, knocking and clatter sounds with the addition of smoke coming out of the exhaust is one of many due to a broken chain or belt, blown piston or a hole is commonly found. These repairs are costly as the labor input involved in these repairs require extensive skill-based work. The cost can vary from $2500 to $4000. A vehicle subject to overheating issues can lead to a repair work of a few thousand dollars.

Transmission issues with the nature of lack of throttle response due to clicking or whining while shifting are complicated as their repair work costs around $1000 to $4000 or higher. It is desirable using a used transmission for the reason of keeping the cost down, as to buying a new one.

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Reports suggest that a car is stolen every 33 seconds in the United States. It may take months for a car to be recovered and in the context of Insurance policy, it may be declared as a total loss or salvaged. Even if it is found, an individual has to re-title it as “rebuilt” to claim back ownership and sell salvage car. Vehicles are also severely affected by natural disasters with interior heavily stained, musty odors and widespread rusting.

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