While many teenagers and adults believe taking drugs makes them look cool, the truth is – it does not. In fact, drugs have really harmful side effects for your body. Not just your body, drugs also affect other aspects of your life such as family and relationships adversely. One way to help a person get over their addiction is by employing the services of drug rehab. Others include going into therapy with a proper psychologist without getting admitted into the rehab and let them talk you through the journey of leaving drugs.

In order to completely understand why people taking drugs need help from relevant professionals and family members around them, one must understand the adverse effects of drugs on an individual’s life in detail. Brief explanations of these have been provided below.

Physical Effects on Body

When a person starts taking drugs regularly, they start affecting their general health and well-being. Drugs can affect a person’s heart, lungs, and liver. They can cause different cancers and other gut-related issues, depending on the type and frequency of drug intake.

Effects on Mental Health & Behavior

In addition to physical damages, drug abuse leads to mental health problems as well. Depending on the frequency and type, regular intake of drugs can alter brain structure. Consequently, this starts impacting a person’s thought process. Irritability, anger, sleep issues, increased sex drive, loss or gain of appetite, etc., are all examples of behavioral changes that take place over time. A person’s personality gets completely altered and they become quite the opposite of their normal, happy, cheerful selves.

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Effects on Productivity, Job & Finances

Regular drug abuse also leads to decreased productivity in the work-life of individuals. Whether employees or business owners, a person who gets addicted to drugs starts lacking the will or their drive to be productive. Their work lives and professional relationships are sabotaged due to negligence.

Similarly, they suffer from financial losses on account of their reduced ability to make rational decisions and purchasing highly expensive drugs for their recreation and amusement. In many cases, individuals are either fired or resign from their jobs themselves since they cannot keep up with the pressures of work life.

Effects on Family & Relationships

Just like all other spheres of life, drugs impact a person’s personal relationships too. Drug addicts may get into irrational arguments and fight over petty things. They may also become highly irritable in case they have not taken their shots for the day and take their frustration out on a loved one. There are chances of spouses being severely, physically abused. All this happens because drugs alter a person’s perceptions, behaviors, brain chemistry and structure in such a way that they are no longer able to function normally without a drug dose intake.

These factors affect the drug user’s psyche and thus their emotional processing is also damaged. In the end, a drug addict is left alone because all of the relationships, love, and friendships eventually die out due to their reckless and abnormal behavior. Sadly, some of these drug addicts and abusers die at their own hands, out of misery by committing suicide, when they run out of enough finances to fund their addiction.

Say ‘No’ to Drugs

What is, then, the best solution for a drug addict or abuser? The answer is instant help from proper medical practitioners. A person, who has once stepped into the world of addiction and drug abuse, needs to be rescued rather than hated and be looked down upon. Yet, in order to rescue them from their own evils, it is important to employ the services of people who know best how to help them.