Condos And High Rise Buildings
Condos And High Rise Buildings

Ever wondered which cities have the most condos and high-rises? This question is becoming even more popular as the world becomes more obsessed with skyscrapers. The following is a list of the top 10 cities with the most condos and high rises in the world.

1. Hong Kong–7,685 High-Rise Buildings

Hong-Kong tops the list as the city with the highest rises in the world. On account of having more people living on the 15th floor than anywhere else, Hong Kong was once dubbed “the tallest city in the world.”

This city has almost 8,000 high-rise buildings and counting, and over 300 of these structures stand 150 meters tall. In all fairness, Hong Kong had quite the head start compared to some cities on this list, as it built its first high-rise in 1935.

Other iconic high-rise buildings in the city include the Chungking Mansions, the 64-story Hopewell Centre, the International Finance Centre which stands at 88 stories, and the 118-storey International Commerce Centre.

The tallest condo buildings in Hong Kong include The Cullinan (68 stories), The Sorrento (75 stories) and the glamorous and slender Highcliff (75 stories).

2. New York City, USA–5,924 High-Rise Buildings

If you’re familiar with American culture, then you know all about The Big Apple and its array of flashy skyscrapers. The transformation of New York’s skyline started in 1890 when the 348 feet tall World Building was built. The building was later demolished to make way for one of New York’s most iconic landmarks- the Brooklyn Bridge.

Although New York has a long list of notable high-rise buildings, some are more popular than others. A few examples include:

– Rockefeller Plaza

– Empire State Building

– Chrysler Building

– World Trade Centre

– Trump World Tower

The tallest condo buildings in New York include 432 Park Avenue (96 floors), 70 Pine Street (66 floors) and the Metropolitan Tower (77 stories).

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil – 5,667 High-Rise Buildings

Most people don’t know this but the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil has the most high-rise buildings in all of South America. This makes sense when you consider that Sao Paulo is Brazil’s financial center. It’s also one of the most populated cities in the world, which is why most of its skyscrapers are dedicated to residential use.

Sao Paulo started by building the Louveira Buildings in 1946, followed by The Copan Building in 1951, the Conjunto Nacional Building in the 1960s and most recently the Shopping Cidade Jardim in 2010.

Some of the most notable buildings in Sao Paulo include Miranto De Vale (51 floors), The Banspa Tower (36 floors), Edifício Itália (45 floors), Altino Arantes Building (40 floors), and a famous commercial complex known as Torre Norte (45 floors).

The tallest condo buildings in Sao Paulo are the Magnolias (41 floors) and Ipes (41 floors).

4. Singapore–4,368 High-Rise Buildings

Although small, Singapore is known as one of the richest cities in the world right now. Its citizens have the highest average income on the planet and it has more high-rise buildings than Tokyo, Rio, and Seoul.

Singapore started building its skyscrapers in 1939 with the construction of the Cathay Building which is 17 floors tall. Soon after, they built the 20-floor Asia Assurance Building in 1954, and so on until the country built its largest skyscraper, The Sail at Marina Bay Tower (70 floors).

The tallest condo buildings in Singapore include Marina Bay Suites (65 floors), The Orchard Residences (52 floors), and The Sail at Marina Bay Tower (70 floors).

5. Moscow, Russia–3,273 High-Rise Buildings

Not only is Moscow the capital of Russia but it’s also the country’s leading financial district.

We commonly associate the city with grandiose architecture, rich history and culture, and Billionaire Oligarchs (you’ve seen the show Billions right?).

A little-known fact about Moscow is that it has numerous high-rise buildings, with the earliest one (the Shukhov Tower) having been constructed in 1922. Some of Moscow‘s most notable skyscrapers include the Mercury City Tower (75 floors), Eurasia (67 floors), the Evolution Tower (55 floors) and the Ostankino Tower which stands at 120 floors high. Wow.

The tallest condo buildings in Moscow include OKO Tower (85 floors), Triumph Palace (57 floors), Mosfilm Tower (54 floors) and the luxurious Sparrow Hills (44 floors).

6. Seoul, South Korea–2,877 High-Rise Buildings

Seoul (pronounced “soul”) is the capital of South Korea and the home of K-pop. What was once a literal jungle is now one of the world’s largest concrete jungles thanks to the rigorous reconstruction which Seoul underwent after the Korean War.

The city erected its first skyscraper in 1985 with the construction of 63 SQUARE which was named the tallest building in Asia at the time. Since then, Seoul has emerged as an economic powerhouse with high-rise buildings such as Gangnam Finance Center (45 floors), Trade Tower (55 floors), the Samsung Tower Palace (69 floors), and the Lotte World Tower which stands at 123 floors.

The tallest condo buildings in Seoul include the Raemian Caelitus Towers (56 floors), Hyperion Tower (69 floors) and Tower Palace 2 (55 floors).

7. Tehran, Iran–2,804 High-Rise Buildings

In most people’s imagination, the city of Tehran is associated with images of war and political instability. However, this city has much more to offer than that. Apart from a thriving culinary scene and gorgeous year-round weather, Tehran has a beautiful skyline.

Some of its notable buildings include the Tehran International Tower which measures 162 meters in height and is 56 floors tall, Sepehr Tower (32 floors) and Eskan Triple Towers (23 floors).

The tallest condo building in Tehran is the Tehran International Tower.

8. Tokyo, Japan–2,702 High-Rise Buildings

This list wouldn’t be complete without Tokyo. This city is arguably the world’s most successful mega metropolis and a forerunner in technological innovation. A fun fact you may not know is that Tokyo is the safest big city in the world despite being heavily populated.

The most famous and architecturally interesting skyscrapers in Tokyo include:

– The Owl Tower (52 floors)

– Shinjuku I-Land Tower (44 floors)

– Sea Tower (58 floors)

– Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower (50 floors)

– Dentsu Building (48 floors)

The tallest condo buildings in Tokyo include ARK Hills Sengokuyama Residence (47 floors), the Izumi Garden Tower (45 floors) and Harumi Island Triton Square Tower X (44 floors).

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil–2,564 High-Rise Buildings

Colorful street festivals, samba dancing, soccer kings and beautiful beaches. These are just some of the things that come to mind when you think about Rio de Janeiro. But, this gorgeous city is also home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the Morada do Sol II which was built in 1967 as the first residential condominium.

Other notable skyscrapers in the city include Rio Metropolitan (34 floors), Ventura Corporate Towers (38 floors) and Edificio Santos Dumont (45 floors).

The tallest condo buildings in Rio include Morada do Sol VI (3 floors), Morada do Sol VII (36 floors) and Morada do Sol II (36 floors).

10. Istanbul, Turkey–2,148 High-Rise Buildings

Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world where ancient buildings share equal square footage with modern skyscrapers.

Known for historic buildings like The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum, this city is also home to multi-story buildings which they started building in 1968 with the Harbiye Military Headquarters construction.

The tallest condo buildings in Istanbul include the Varyap Meridian Grand Tower (54 floors), Şişli Plaza (46 floors), Trump Towers Istanbul (39 floors), and Kanyon (30 floors).

To Wrap Up

Skyscraper cities are a fact of life in the modern world and these cities are proof that this trend isn’t going to let up anytime soon. Not only do high-rise buildings solve the problem of overpopulation by introducing vertical living, but they help to preserve land space. Usually, the higher the building the more units they have available, it can be a headache to manage all those units. Most property managers use property management software like condo control central to automate most of their tasks.

Would you live in a high-rise condo? Let us know in the comments below.