Malware threat is looming large and causing serious damage to users around the world. Here, not only the important data is under threat, but cyber-criminals are also duping millions of dollars from users worldwide. You can find these malware threats in different forms including Trojans, Worms, spyware, adware, viruses, phishing attempts, viruses and more. Further, recent ransomware threats have also caused panic in the cyber world. While there are certain ways available to protect your data from cyber threats we have discussed some effective antimalware tools here that are useful for better security.

Advanced System Protector

Advanced System Protector is meticulously designed security tool for Windows that offers complete security against all malware threats. Its powerful scan engines perform a thorough cleaning of your system and quarantine it accurately. You can use this security solution to protect your system from all existing & emerging threats effectively. This powerful solution offers a lot of useful features including:

Browser Extension Cleaner: Using this feature, you can add suspicious browser extensions to scan process, and it will help you quarantine and remove all such malicious extensions from the browser. It is the simplest and unique feature of this tool that helps you keep your online activities safe.

Quick & Deep Scan Modes: The software offers Quick & Deep scan mode to help you perform different scans as per your needs. Here, you can perform a Quick scan if you are looking for instant malware detention on your system. Deep scan mode performs a deep scanning of your system where it scans & quarantines every single malicious content from your system. This is a useful feature as it helps you provide you complete & accurate system cleaning effectively.

Complete Security: Advanced System Protector works on powerful search engines where it scans and removes all malicious content & infections accurately. This advanced security software combines features of various tools including antispyware, antivirus, adware protection and other antimalware techniques. Its powerful scan engines detect and clean infections effectively in no-time.

Clean Toolbars: In addition to cleaning malicious extensions, it also helps you clean unwanted toolbars on your system. These annoying toolbars usually get installed on your system by other programs without your permission. Here, removing such unnecessary toolbars can help you improve the performance.

Up-to-date Database: Advanced System Protector provides security not only from existing malware threats but from emerging threats also. Here, it includes a huge database of spyware definitions of more than 10 million to keep you safe against various malware threats. This spyware database is updated daily by the dedicated team of its developer Systweak Software.

Fast Scanning & Cleaning: Advanced System Protector works on fast scan engines where it performs instant and effective cleaning of your PC. Its super-fast scanning engines search and remove all malicious content even from the remotest corners of your Windows system. This powerful tool is designed for instant and effective results.

Regular Updates: to keep your system security intact, it sends you regular software updates. With these updates, you get certain bug fixes, security patches, and other security features to avoid emerging malware threats. It offers these updates at regular intervals for free. Further, these updates are designed to install automatically to save your time & efforts.

Highest Cleaning Ratio: This smart security solution scans, finds and cleans all malicious content with 100% accuracy to keep your system safe. It ensures seamless browsing and PC experience with seamless services.

Light on Resources: This powerful tool performs an effective cleaning of your system while running in the background. Further, it is also extremely light on system resources and doesn’t interfere with other programs that are running on your PC.

How does it work?

Select the files & folders that you want to scan.

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector

It will start scanning for infections.

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector

It will display infection results in detail and easily understandable manner. Click on Clear All button to start cleaning your PC infections.

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector

It will start cleaning infected files & folders.

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector

Once it cleans all infections, it will update you instantly.

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector


  • It works on advanced scan engines to provide instant & effective results.
  • It offers a free scan version to help you understand infection status.
  • It keeps on updating malware database to protect you from all existing & emerging malware threats.


  • It offers abundant features that may not be fully utilized by a single user.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus

While you have a lot of sensitive & important data stored on your system, Kaspersky Anti-Virus creates an effective security wall to keep your data safe. This smart solution protects everything on your system from personal files & folders to online protection. This powerful tool protects you from viruses, spyware, Trojans, ransomware and other malware threats. It offers easy online control to simplify security. Let’s discuss some of its effective features.

Various Scan Types: Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers four different scan modules to help you perform scanning of your system as per your needs. Here, it offers a Quick scan, Full scan, Selective scan and External Device scan modules. You can use any of these modules to perform required scanning of your system to find malicious content and quarantine your system. You can even schedule these modules periodically when needed.

Online Protection: Kaspersky Anti-Virus not only protects you from offline malicious content, but it also offers effective online protection too. Here, it keeps a tab on your online activities and averts any malicious content entering into your system through online activities. It segregates websites into three different categories including Safe, Unknown and infected to help you determine which sites are safe to visit. It further blocks running of any malicious web script on your system to keep you safe.

Instant Messaging Protection: When we are using instant messaging (IM) apps as a preferred mode of communication, it becomes important to keep this network safe. Kaspersky Anti-virus provides effective security to various types of IM apps & programs. Here, it scans content that is shared & downloaded on instant messaging apps and avoids malicious content spreading on your system. Its IM antivirus module performs thorough scanning of content on IM apps and protects you against malicious content effectively.

Mail Protection: As the name suggests, this effective feature helps you keep your online communication safe. Here, it scans all your emails and data shared through emails to avoid a possible security breach. This feature helps you stay safe from malicious content and phishing attacks. While phishing attempts are one of the most preferred ways to infect systems around the world, it becomes important to keep your online communication safe using this feature.

Self Defense Mode: When any malware attacks your system, it tries to alter settings & programs on your system. Self Defense mode of this one of the best antimalware software for Windows helps you build a security wall around your system where it becomes hard for any malware to penetrate your system security.

Safe Money Mode: Using this feature, you can keep your online transactions safe. Here, it keeps all your online transactions safe when you transfer money or perform other banking transactions. When online banking is a day-to-day task, this powerful feature can help you keep safe against cyber threats that may dupe money from you.

Other features

  • Multiple device support including PC, Mac, and Mobile.
  • Easy set-up of the tool.
  • Effective privacy-protection to avoid security threats to your private life.
  • It offers effective security for your kids where it blocks inappropriate content.
  • It is a useful tool that helps you manage the use of social media networks.
  • It also works as a secure password manager where it helps you securely store all your important passwords.
  • You can use this effective security tool to take backup of your important files and encrypt your data to avoid security threats.


  • Easy to use and lightweight tool.
  • Compatible with various devices including PC, Mac, and mobile phones.
  • Protects you from advanced security threats.


  • Consistent updates may irritate you.
  • It takes a little more time to scan when the full scan is selected in comparison to other programs.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus

This award-winning security tool provides effective security against all existing or new e-threats. You can quickly install this software on your PC, and it will start working instantly. This lightning-fast security tool works automatically to secure you from all types of malicious content effectively. It is loaded with only bare-bones protection features that any system would need. Let’s discuss some of its amazing features here.

Real-time threat detection: Bitdefender Antivirus provides you real-time security against all malware threats using behavioral detection technique. Here, it monitors all your active apps closely to find and remove all malicious ones. Once it finds anything suspicious, it works instantly to quarantine your system.

Complete Malware Security: It works on powerful scan engines to ensure detection and removal of all malware threats. Here, it helps you find and remove Trojans, worms and other virus threats. It also protects you from latest ransomware threat using multi-layer ransomware protection technique. Here, it stops file encryption by ransomware threat.

Protection against Internet fraud: In addition to the protection against malware threats, it also protects you from threats caused due to Internet fraud. Here, it helps you block all phishing websites so that you remain safe against cyber threats. Even if you land on any scam website, its anti-fraud feature uses an advanced filtering system to detect suspicious web page behavior and blocks that page. This is a useful feature to block falling your important data to wrong hands. Further, its web filtering technology also ensures your data security.

Cross-Platform Security: This powerful tool supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It offers free online support for all users to deal with performance issues.

Secure Browser: It offers secure & dedicated browser to keep your online transactions safe. Online banking protection is its unique feature that offers instant and effective online protection.

VPN: It also offers virtual private network (VPN) services. Here, it protects your online presence by encrypting all internet traffic. It offers 200 MB daily traffic included per device.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor: It offers advanced features to keep