If you have been thinking about traveling around the island of Martinique, one thing to consider is your mode of transportation. Flying to the island seems stressful. Driving around in an area that is foreign to you may also be nerve-wracking. Being trapped on a train for your vacation also sounds terrible. So how can you possibly see beautiful Martinique in a stress-free, exciting and adventurous way? Travel by catamaran!

While this may automatically appeal to you, there are many specific reasons to travel by catamaran in order to see Martinique. Get ready to be even more convinces that this is how you should see the island. By the end of this article, you will be pulling up the sails on your catamaran and heading out on the open water as soon as possible!


Anytime you opt to skip the airplanes, bypass the car rentals and avoid the trains, you are granting yourself the freedom to make your own travel schedule. When you are in charge of sailing your catamaran, you can decide when you leave, where you port, how many days you stay in each spot, and how fast or slow you travel. Doesn’t that sound ideal? It is a vacation in itself just to not be restricted by the timeline of others.

Other than the freedom of time (if that is not enough!), when traveling by catamaran, you also get the freedom of the open ocean. Cars are restricted to where the road leads and trains have to stay on their tracks. Don’t even think about asking an airplane to take a detour! Yet with a catamaran, you are free to go wherever you please. Turn the wheel toward an interesting inlet or guide your vessel to an unplanned port. Catamarans let you go wherever you please. Freedom is something that this mode of travel definitely grants.

Different Views

There is so much to see and do in Martinique but when traveling by catamaran, you will have a whole new vantage point. Seeing the island from out on the ocean is a new experience that not many are privileged to have. You can see the island in its entirety from far away and go in and out of the inlets and ports to see areas where a road would never take you. You will still have the amazing water view the island offers (because you’ll be right there in the center of it!) but you will also have a picturesque view of the island to go with it, something only attainable by boat.

When staying in a hotel, your view is the same every day, and while it may be a great view (as many in Martinique are), there is no diversity, nothing new. Stay on a catamaran, and this problem is solved. Your view will change constantly. Sail from place to place, drop your anchor in new areas, and you will awake each morning to new sites. Clearly, the catamaran is the best way to really see it all!

Ocean Air

You may already know that being on the ocean, surrounded by salty air feels great. But did you know that ocean air has actually been proven to be beneficial for your health? That’s right! Sea air is good for you. The negative ions in the salty air accelerate your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and helps balance your body’s serotonin which is a chemical linked to happiness. This means breathing the salty air will make you feel relaxed, happy, and also alert. Breathe deeply while out there on that catamaran!

Ocean air is also great for your skin. The magnesium in the salt air is good for your skin elasticity, hydrates it naturally, and helps improve the overall look. A little ocean sun is also good for your body as it gives you some much-needed vitamin D.


Of course, traveling by catamaran is a much more relaxing way to get around Martinique but being out on the ocean has also been shown to help reduce stress in general. For one, the sound of the waves can help alter your brain patterns and lull you to a deeply peaceful state. As you rock up and down on the gentle Martinique waves, you will be put into an almost meditative state. Stress-free and relaxed.

Variety of Ports

Martinique has so much to offer in the way of where to park your catamaran. From small ports like Fort de France to larger ports like Marina Marino, from southern boat docks to others far up North on the island, you can choose where you go based on your preferences. Want a quiet place to stay for the night, pick a smaller, private dock. Looking for a bustling, tourist hub? Aim your catamaran toward the cruise ship terminals where most people enter and exit Martinique when traveling by boat. Once you tire of one location, simply sail your catamaran to the next! Talk about a great selection! This perfect French island has it all for devoted sailors.

Unique Vacation

While traveling to Martinique is already an incredible vacation, if you opt to see the island by catamaran, you will be getting a vacation that is completely new, completely customizable, and one no one else has ever been on. Your boat, your rules, and your unique schedule. This is no cookie-cutter vacation! Traveling by catamaran is a way to create a vacation that you will never forget and that no one will ever duplicate.

As you can see, visiting Martinique by catamaran is the ideal way to see the island. Not only will you get the freedom that you crave when on vacation but you will also be more relaxed thanks to the ocean air. A catamaran will enable you to see so much of the island that you would never discover if traveling on land and it will allow you to create your own unique vacation. So are you ready to raise your sails and head to Martinique by catamaran? You should definitely go as soon as possible!