Everyone has different tolerance levels. Most people will put up with a bit but not be taken advantage of, they know where their line is. There are some who won’t tolerate anything and fly off the handle at the smallest of matters. Then on the opposite end of the scale, there are individuals that are so laid back they almost fall over. These variations in personal feelings are particularly prevalent when it comes to matters of the heart.

Prolonged Agony

When we feel betrayed by a loved one or a significant other, it hurts more than other elements of our life that disappoint us. It cannot compare to the despair of our team losing at the weekend or burning the pizza you have looked forward to all day, the agony is much much worse.

Below, we explore some of the classifications that constitute cheating in the eyes of some. They are small in comparison to discovering ‘Find escorts near you’ on your husbands google history but are opinion-dividing nonetheless depending on where your tolerance levels fall;

  • Fully-clothed hugs

Whether you are comfortable hugging or not. There is always an awkward slap-dash attempt where neither party really commits, a token gesture if you will. There is also the even more awkward one-way hug where it goes on for a little too long and one-half of the hug cannot escape. Neither of which are remotely sexual experiences nor are either cheating!

  • Masturbating

Man, woman, or horny adolescent teenager in overdrive, masturbating happens and it happens a lot. The days of denial and frowning on the fact that we all do it are gone. Just accept it is a natural feeling, a normal thing to do, and this individual action is not being unfaithful. Mutual masturbation with your partner or pleasuring yourself with your partner watching can be extremely satisfying.

  • Getting drunk in the absence of your partner

Having a few drinks and relaxing whilst having a good time with your friends is no reflection on you or your relationship. Anyone attempting to portray this as cheating has insecurity issues and is likely jealous, controlling, or both.

  • Watching porn

This is no different from watching a warm-up act before a gig or the pre-show before the big sports game. Getting aroused before climaxing is not cheating, it’s on video. If there is a love scene in a soap opera that comes on the tv or a sex scene in a film you rented, does that mean you cheated because you watched it? No, it does not, and unless you are in the porno then porn does not count as cheating either. Watch it together, you might enjoy it!

  • Platonic friends of the same gender

Same-sex friends are just that…FRIENDS! Interacting with them is not cheating

  • Wearing revealing clothes

A short skirt is for the woman wearing it, like a low-cut top. The leg on display or the extra cleavage showing is for the person wearing it not anyone else. The slight increase in chances of flashing your knickers or displaying a little bit of your bra may be provocative in some eyes but it is not cheating.