The novel coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the world. The economic impact has been severe for people; plenty of them lost jobs and were forced to remain in lockdown. The death toll exceeded 200,000 people, and there are no signs of slowing down yet.

However, as terrific as it may seem to look for the advantages of Covid-19, some people actually managed to remain productive at home. Remote working has become possible for some, but the unemployed ones began to acquire various skills. In this article, we will talk about the skills people started to master during the quarantine period.

Learning languages

Yet, one of the most popular hobbies for people during lockdown has been learning foreign languages. When you have plenty of time and are staying at home, learning is easier. Furthermore, people are saying that after the lockdown ends, languages could help them find better jobs and apply for better positions. We are talking here about advanced languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Hindi.

Learning trading

It is no surprise that Forex trading has become a very popular field in the world. People trade currencies and earn money. It is the largest financial market in the world. The current trend is especially visible in South Africa, the country which is famous for its development in the trading. People started to look for best Forex brokers for South African traders rating and various trading tutorials to master their skills. Some of them have already managed to make a fortune and lockdown helped citizens to discover their “hidden talent” in trading.

Learning programming languages

With the development of modern technologies, almost everything is dependent on computers and the Internet. The demand for skilled and high-quality programmers is a thing of utmost importance. They manage to earn thousands of dollars every year. And considering the fact programmers have been able to work remotely during the lockdown, the “taste” for learning programming languages have soared among people.

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Some people have started to learn cooking. While in some countries, delivery services were halted, people began to prepare food on their own – and it should be said they made progress. On social media, photos of prepared food have been visible all the time, and the coronavirus definitely helped such people master their skills.

Playing an instrument

Thanks to the online classes and various tutorials, people have managed to learn to play the guitar and piano. It could be very pleasing at the same time – to listen to the music you are playing.


Chess is a type of sport that requires intelligence and “work of brain”. It is a very interesting game with multiple possibilities and options. With the arrival of quarantine, a lot of people started learning and playing chess.


Folding a paper to create various animals and things – is a fantastic way to entertain yourself. While making complicated models and things is difficult, any person can make a simple origami cat or dragon. With the abundance of tutorials and guides, you can easily learn to create various figures.

Photography and photo editing

Taking photos is an exciting and pleasing activity, which of course requires hard work. People started taking and editing photos. It has become a very popular hobby and some people actually created blogs for their pictures.


There are more skills which we can mention here. It goes without saying that the coronavirus has significantly impacted our lives, hindered us, but also encouraged us to learn various things, which was not possible in the “old times” because of the abnormal working schedule.