Your start-up needs a cyber-security strategy, but above all, it is also essential to have security awareness training. Both of these areas are not considered the same. There are differences.

Why is the cybersecurity strategy important?

First, let’s get to know about cybersecurity generally. By now, you might understand the importance of cyber-security for your business. If not, here’s what you need to know. 65% of small and medium companies admit that they have an inactive, out-of-date, or non-existent strategy regarding security.

This can be a problem as these kinds of businesses are huge targets for criminals looking for fraud. The security of these companies is weak and the security personnel are less skilled than huge companies. They often store valuable information, such as credit card numbers, or any other personal identity information.

Criminals looking for fraud find this situation in their favor. Security is less and can be beaten easily, and the data available on it is as important as getting something that they might get from the bigger company.

Additionally, the stakes are a lot higher than a momentary loss of productivity. Various firms complain about cyber-attacks and there are possibilities of never getting recovered and they get out of the business in a year.

So, it is clear that cyber-security is essential for small and medium businesses.

Why is security awareness important?

Yes, cyber-security matters a lot. However, even the secured and robust plan of security will not protect you from the dangerous threat which is your employees. This can be a surprising statement and blunt, but it’s true.

Keep in mind that you need to protect yourself from a movie-style, traditional hacking, where frauds infiltrate the system and hack your entire process sitting far away from your business. Certainly, this is real but it cannot be said that it looks exactly like what can be seen on television. It is not as easy or common to do as the movie suggests.

In the real world, various threats are not like the ones you go through in movies. Instead, they are more like social engineering and phishing. This is where security awareness training comes in.

How can both be differentiated?

The argument is that both security awareness training and cybersecurity strategy are crucial for the business. If it’s not clear about the difference between both of them, it’s restated this way. The training handles the human component; while on the other hand, cybersecurity covers components digitally. Both of them are essential, but different processes are followed.

What takes place in security awareness training?

Security awareness training comes in various forms. Most of them are conducted online. The employees go through the materials along with the videos, and then the assessment is done so they could know what they have learned.

The convenient factor is good: employees get to work as per their schedule and any time of the working day. But, with so many benefits, trade-offs can also be seen. The training can prove to be stuffy, and it is also not interactive. If employees have any doubt and need clarification or help, it can be difficult to get it. Hands-on learners might find it hard getting this too.

Some companies like clarity cyber security offer a hybrid approach, where static approaches are combined with live classes. The employees will enjoy the advantages of going through the training conducted by love teachers, but again a trade-off is all the employees need to be present at the same time when the class is getting conducted.

The live, on-site instruction is also offered by several companies, either as a premium add-on or standalone to their package that they have taken. This is the best option for single-location companies.

Which are the courses available?

A company specializing in training will not take a one-size-fits-all approach. As the company grows in complexity, varying business areas might need different instructions. Certainly, many fields have unique and specific needs too. Companies working in the healthcare orbit have some rules to take care of, while the ones in finance or education have their own.

Some organizations offer 50 or more courses as a part of security awareness training protocols. Ensure to consider the providers who fit the needs of the industry and business.

What is the cost of security awareness training?

The cost and price depend upon various factors. The users who get the training are often at the starting point. You might see the cost is not much, but remember that the add-ons and customization in the program can increase the figure.

Some other factors which influence the cost are languages, the requirement of the industry, and whether certification is needed. The total course every user takes might also affect the cost.

Ask the company from which you are considering training for a customized quote that might break down the cost which is expected along with the services associated with these prices.

What are the best practices of cybersecurity awareness?

If you go through business-related articles, you might have come across the phrase “best practices.” What does it mean exactly? It is a process shown by research and experience for optimal results.

Cybersecurity can be broken down into different topics such as:

  • Secure passwords
  • Data breaches
  • Privacy
  • Malware
  • Mobile protection
  • Safe computing
  • Online fraud

Many people have accepted that they feel stressed by data lost news. Keeping them away from this will help mitigate the anxiety that might have come up with cyber-security uncertainty.

Additionally, while reducing stress, security training helps in eliminating risky behavior and instills best practices of the security company-wide.

With the best cybersecurity plan and offering security awareness training which is ideal for your business’s digital security strategy, one can keep the frauds away.

By taking it on priority for your company, employees are offered advanced resources and tools which are needed in training. Further, the staff can share responsibilities for safe technology usage. If you are ready for awareness and training, contact the best services.