Sydney’s Inner West is a group of suburbs that offer people a lot of options as to property types. People are drawn to the lifestyle, diversity, and fast-paced environment in Strathfield, Cabramatta, Liverpool, Drummoyne, Pyrmont, and Five Dock.

These are older suburbs and carry with them old world ancient charm. But homes here require extensive rewiring. Some may even require the right amount of refurbishment. If you are buying a home here, make sure to hire an electrician in Inner West to inspect the premises first.

Inner West offers exciting housing options from substantial mansions to timber cottages and medium to high-density housing, which makes them quite accessible. Note that it is not a precise geographic location for this group of suburbs.

However, if there are repairs to be done, then you should have them completed first before moving your family in.

Common Electrical Issues

Since Inner West highlights plenty of old homes and buildings, there is an immediate need to get the electrical done ASAP. Some of the most common issues that homeowners there experience include the following:

  • Burning wires
  • Buzzing and other kinds of sounds coming from the circuit breaker
  • Smoking outlets
  • Sudden loss of electric power in the entire house

Smoking Power Outlets

Smoking power outlets are one of the scariest things that can happen in any aged home. Some fear that it may cause a fire. As a result, they call an electrician in Inner West as soon as they can.

When you see smoke coming out of a power outlet, then you know that you have a major issue at hand. It simply means that there is already something burning in your home’s electrical system.

The immediate solution is to cut the power right then and there. After that, you should call for help.

The House Loses Electricity

Power interruptions do happen in Inner West. However, sometimes your house is the only one that doesn’t have any power in it. This is a serious sign, and it will require the attention of an electrician in Inner West.

If this happens to you in these suburbs, do not attempt to DIY the problem. You may end up getting hurt, or you may just make matters worse.

Burning Wires

If you smell some sort of plastic or copper (or some other type of metal) burning in the house, then you should turn off the power in your home immediately. This is a fairly common issue in homes in Inner West since they’ve been around for quite a while.

What this means is that the electrical cables are burning. An electrician in Inner West can determine where the burn was occurring and replace the necessary wires. Sometimes you may have to rewire the entire home.

Buzzing Circuit Breaker

Remember that every house in Sydney, including the ones in the Inner West suburbs, is required to have circuit breakers installed. This is what you will need to turn off the power in case something happens.

The circuit breaker is your go-to tool for preventing any damage to your home or its electrical system. However, what if that is the very thing that needs fixing? If it does, then turn off the power and call an electrician in Inner West.


An electrician can determine where the sound is coming from and diagnose the problem. Take the time to have a home inspected for potential issues before you decide to move your belongings and your family.