Renovating a home can be a daunting task because we often find ourselves going from store to store to get all the items we need. As homeowners, we know that bathroom fixtures aren’t going to be sold at your local paint supply store. Moreover, a big-box home improvement retailer may have everything you need in one place, but they’re products often lack variety or even quality.

One may argue that having a lot of choices can be overwhelming. However, having a variety of options is an impetus for creative ideas. Now that you’ve updated your outdated home, it’s time to get creative and add those finishing décor touches.

Decorating is an essential part of the home renovation process, and choosing the right set of curtains can make or break a space. As you begin deciding on your window treatments, it’s natural to want to get all your curtain supplies from one place.

So, the question is how would it benefit you to have a one-stop-solution for elegant and fancy curtains for your house and why should you go for it.

Saves Time

First and foremost, it would save you a lot of time if you get all the materials, installation accessories, and expertise from a single retailer. In addition to saving time, you’ll also save on commuting costs and of course stress.

Fabric Selection

Retailers that specialize in window treatments and curtain installations offer a variety of fabrics that most other home improvement stores can’t compete with. Whether you wish to have curtains made from velvet, cotton, silk, linen, or sheer fabric, all these options are readily available at these specialty stores. Perhaps you want to mix and match the materials, or you may wish to have one fabric for one room and a totally different style for another. Then research retailers that offer not only variety but also the knowledge to help you bring your vision to life.

Pattern Selection

When choosing curtains for your space, you may be stuck or have a lot of ideas about how they should look. Sometimes you have a specific pattern in mind for a particular room, or perhaps you just want plain colorful curtains for another. Alternatively, you may wish to have curtains that have a geometric or flowery pattern. Plaid is another possible option if you’re attempting to create a cozy space. However, if you can’t quite find the pattern or style of curtain you envision for your home, some specialty curtain outlets can create a custom curtain design according to your specifications. Fortunately, many curtain retailers offer a number of patterns, both in-store and online that will no doubt fit your style.

Fabric Color

Most big-box retailers will only offer but a few select and conventional curtain shades. But a good curtain retailer will have a variety of colors available in stock. If you wish to experiment with different colors rather than just pastels, traditional rustic shades or bold colors, then you have to find a specialty retailer that offers a variety of options. Many stores have yet to introduce ombre or the dark shades; therefore, research a store’s inventory before setting a foot inside.


There are certainly places where you can get your curtains custom-made to your specifications. But what can be better than a retailer where not only do you buy the curtain fabric of your dreams, but they can also stitch them as well. Luckily these places exist, and you can order made to measure curtains from the store you ordered your materials from. They will either ask you for the window measurements or come to your home and get the measurements themselves. You will need to let them know how many panels are required for each window and if you would like some curtain accessories like tassels, etc. If you desire to have some fancier curtains for your home, then consider telling the curtain designers to add some additional embellishments to the trim.

Fixtures and Accessories

More often than not, fixtures and accessories such as rods and frames are not provided at a curtain shop. Your job is to look for a store that sells curtain accessories. Some retailers offer fancy frames that are quite different from more conventional ones. If you wish to add elegance to your room and window treatments, you can select these types of frames for your curtains. You should be able to choose from a range of colors rather than just having one or two options.

Curtain Installation

Unless you are handyman yourself, you should consider having your curtains professionally fixed and installed in your home. Look for a company that offers a real one-stop-solution when it comes to curtains. The location you go to for your curtain needs must cover everything from the fabric and pattern selection to curtain installation. The company will send the required person to your home to properly install the rods and curtain panels.

Technology really has brought everything to your doorstep. From here on, it shouldn’t be challenging to find a retailer that offers everything that has been described above. Research and read online reviews from customers who have previously utilized these retailers and their services. You should compare reviews and prices in order to get the most from your investment. Some retailers may have great variety and materials but lack in customer service, and yet for others, it may be the other way around.

Ultimately, your goal here is to find someone that not only provides top-notch service but also has a vast fabric selection. Curtains can give an entirely different look to your home; make sure you select a place that does not make you regret your decision. Because at the end of the day it’s a choice you’ll literally have to live with.