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Warm weather is finally coming. There is a big chance that you will rent a car for your trip. It is a good thing to know some tips before you book your reservations. Thus, here are effective tips on car rental that will help you save money for your holiday budget:

Try a Car Rental Loyalty Program

It is easy and free to join a lax car rental loyalty program. If you frequently rent a car, it is a big saving to sign up. When you become a member, the car rental companies will store your information safely on their site.

Also, there are lots of rewards program that carry over your status to another program. Thus, if you have an elite status from one company, you can have it transferred to another one.

Search for Coupons and Save Money

Before spending cash on your car rentals, research for deals, and coupons first. Double your savings by combining loyalty points and discounts. If you are lucky, you can save up to 50% on car rentals.

Ask for Rental Discounts

At the rental company, your first question must be about the discount. Senior, military, corporate, and other associations get discounts from car rental companies. Just ask the staffs, and they can accommodate you with your needs.

In some cases, when you mention your flyer membership, it can help you earn some points.

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Pay with Credit Card

Use a credit card that earns maximum potential for the rewards on every reservation.

Visit an Online Car Rental Deal and Compare the Prices

There are various sites online that can allow you to compare prices on car rental companies. This is another tip that you should do before you book a car. Don’t neglect off-brand companies which might not be available near your location, but can offer up to 50% discount.

Pre-Pay to Save up to 20% of the Car Rental

If you are checking the available car rental companies online, you will notice that they offer two options. One is for the customer who prepays, and the other one is for those who will pay the car at pickup.

For example, if you prepay, then you can pay $28 each day on Ford Focus. Meanwhile, you will have to pay $34 per day when you choose to pay in person. In sum, pre-pay can save you more money than paying in person.

Check the Fine Print for Other Fees and Tax Information

Sometimes, you can get seduced by the price online. And you will be shocked during checkout that the price is different. You will be surprised by the hidden fees and taxes, which adds to the overall amount. Remember, just because the lax car rental site advertises $15 per day doesn’t mean that is the total amount that you will have to pay. Thus, better read the fine print and check the terms.

Rent Cars Outside the Airport

Airport car may charge for a concession fee. Thus, you will be more likely to pay 10 to 30% more. Thus, it will be wise to take the cab or public transit to get your way in the city.