Outdoor Party
Outdoor Party

Color is what makes the decor come alive. It attracts attention; sets the right mood and can also have an effect on emotions. Choosing the right set of colors for your party can be a bit difficult, but when it comes to outdoor parties the process becomes fun. Outdoor parties are the best and not so hard to plan – all you need is the perfect venue; it can be your terrace, your backyard, a rooftop, or even the beach, you just have to be sure to choose the right color scheme and make it look fresh and beautiful.

Want your Outdoor Party to Stand Out?

Do you want people to remember your outdoor party long enough? Do you want it to be the talk of the town? Well you are in the right place then. We can help you make your outdoor party better than anyone else’s. Here are some pointers for an amazing party:

  • Start with choosing a color palette that is unique
  • Get inspiration from the season and decide a mood you are trying to set
  • Your choice of color should complement the decorations, flowers and even the dresses
  • Your venue should reflect your color palette

Unique Color Choices for Your Outdoor Party

All colors play an important role in bringing out the life of an event, but to make it easier for you to decide, we have chosen 5 colors for a perfect outdoor party.

  • Colors of Sunshine: Butter Yellow, Pale Grey & Ivory

As winter has just come to an end, it’s time we say goodbye to the winter blues and add a little bit of sunshine into an outdoor party theme. This color palette includes Butter Yellow, Pale Grey, and Ivory. Make a cool backdrop with pale grey and ivory, with the addition of warm butter yellow accents. When it comes to a sunshine-colored theme for an outdoor party, less is always more.

Instead of flowers and bouquets, you can use glass bowls filled with water that have yellow blooms floating in them along with some grey pebbles kept on the base. The colors used in the table arrangement should be kept neutral; you can add patterned accents like polka dots to make it look more fun. If you have to decide a color for the dresses, then it should be something between pale grey and yellow. This outdoor party palette works best for day time events when you have the sun shining on top of you.

  • Country Style: Navy, Cornflower Blue & Chartreuse

A country-style outdoor party is a great and unique idea. The color palette of this theme includes Navy Blue, Cornflower Blue and Chartreuse; a combination of pale green and yellow. For the decorations, amplify your theme by adding small blue and white gingham touches – you can keep patterned napkins, colorful bordered spreads or crockery with intricately patterned borders.

To make this look more country style, you can use reclaimed wood tables and serve lemonade in mason jars. It is important to remember when hosting a party, a good table setting matters a lot because food is one thing most people remember later on. The way food is presented adds a lot to its taste; even if the items on the menu are not so delicious, but presented on a beautifully set table, people will always enjoy it more.

The hosts and the guests can wear clothes in tints of blue and chartreuse. This theme is best for outdoor brunches and BBQ parties, as it would look great at both day and night time. Also as the theme has lots of blue in it, you can use this palette for someone’s birthday or for baby boy announcement parties.

  • Colors of Cherry Blossom: Bright Pink, Dark Wood Brown & Leafy Green

Cherry blossoms only come for a very short time during the spring, but it is a great color palette for an outdoor party, especially if it is a wedding. If you have an outdoor wedding party at this time of the year, there are no better colors to choose other than Bright Pink, Dark Wood Brown and Leafy Green. Add these colors into your wedding decor, and it will become one beautiful, memorable event.

Table With Plates and Flowers Filed Neatly Selective Focus Photography

You can set tables with spreads and napkins having leafy green and pale pink colors. Keep tall glass vases with towering branches of cherry blossom. This will make the arrangement look subtle and classy. You can also have a dessert table or a cake with colors in shades of pink. The bridesmaids and flower girls can wear pink dresses with clean lines. There are a variety of beautiful yet cheap flower girl dresses, all in intricate designs so we recommend you to find the perfect match for them to go with your outdoor wedding.

  • A Peachy Theme: Peach & Pale Yellow

If you don’t want to do something over the top, meaning if you are not one of those who do not want frivolous parties, then a peachy theme is what you should look for your outdoor event. Not everyone has a taste for pastel pinks, blues, and greens, so for those, we have a neutral palette of Peach and Pale Yellow.

These colors have a fresh feeling to them and are not reserved for any particular season. Keep a backdrop of a pale fruity colors with a floral arrangement which is simple and has muted colors. You can have table spreads and napkins in color of cream and peach and you can add pale yellow roses for a classy look.

To add more color, you can serve your guests with peach flavored cocktails or make different party recipes by color. The dresses should also be in the shades of peach.

  • A Palette of Nature: White, Seasonal Green, Glacier Grey & Sage

For those who don’t prefer spring colors, choose this neutral palette of White, Glacier Grey with accents of Pale Sage and Seasonal Greenery. In this theme, all colors play their own role in setting the mood, but it’s the seasonal green which is the star of the show. Keep the backdrop white, adding some bouquets of gorgeous white blooms. The table runners and napkins should have grey accents or patterns; you can also keep white candles with some green plants as table decor.

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An outdoor party of this color palette would look more beautiful in a garden or a place which has a lot of greenery, so the natural element just adds up in making the decor look more fresh and gorgeous. It’s also a great palette for a beach party.

What Else You Need for an Outdoor Party?

Here are some additional tips one needs to remember when throwing an Outdoor Party:

  • Menu Considerations: Its always better to have a buffet; this way you can make sure everyone gets to eat something they enjoy. Having a Potluck is also a great idea, and very trendy these days.
  • Beverages: A good host always serves a variety of beverages. You can also have a setup for BYOB; bring your own beverage.
  • Shade and Light: If your outdoor party is during the daytime, make sure to have some sitting area under shade so people can avoid the sun (if they want). If it’s at night, then you need to be sure you have the perfect lighting.
  • Playlist: Every party needs some good music. A good host creates a playlist according to the party theme. If you have people of different generations, then make sure to play songs that are all-time hits.
  • Activities: This part has to be decided on the kind of party and guests you are having. Some enjoy having conversations with music in the background while some like to move around and indulge in games. If you are having an outdoor party with kids, it’s necessary you have some fun activities lined up to keep them busy.