In 5 years, this social media site has gone from “the photo app” to become a leading social media platform along with tweens (who ages from 8 to 12) & teens (ages from 13 to 18), without any signs of the slow-down.

And, when I ask from parents about something that they know regarding Instagram, the very first answer from parents that I receive is always “it is just photos.” However, here is what the teens must know regarding the dangers of Instagram:

I might bully children & not get caught

Using the fake account is very common that is utilized by the cyberbullies in this social media era. On IG, fake profiles are known as “Finstas,” & they’re used as the second account which is shared along with close friends, and in the sinister fashion like some anonymous way for commenting horrible stuff on the photos.

Its solution for the parents? It is effortless to hide some fake social media profile. Parents might battle it with the regular checking of the chats and about the devices they use.

I could easily see porn stuff. Yeah, direct video sex

More than four-hundred million users, along with the endless stream of photos that are categorized with the hashtags, IG can easily be classified like some unfiltered net search engine.

What is the solution to it for parents? Children’s parents might check their search history; however, the savvy teenagers clear the search history on a regular basis.

I could access Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Google, and Bing without leaving Instagram

By Instagram blog (that could be easily found under “options” that gear in the right corner in a user’s account), users could access these accounts.

What is the solution to this problem for parents? As, on the iOS gadgets, add Twitter to “never allow” under “restrictions” for preventing access to the Twitter search.

I could transform my face and body into a pretty me

Instagram does provide easy access to the filters which in the old days were only reserved for expert photographers. Anybody could create a beautiful image with “X-Pro” filter & a bit of color.

What is the solution to this problem for parents? Let us begin by admitting that Instagram is made for the mature audience. Also, its guidelines say that children must be at least thirteen years old before making their profile.

There are not any parental controls on Instagram

It is one of the most significant weaknesses of Instagram. With just one single click on the “clear search history” in its own settings, every user along with hashtag search is instantly cleared.

I spoke to 85 4th graders at the local school. I asked children about how many had their Instagram profile, and trust me around 1/3 of the hands were up. Along with each risky area mentioned above, there is a solution for the parents which trump others. Follow these easy Instagram safety tips for safeguarding your child’s wellbeing.  If the application is for thirteen-year-old children, then it is alright to say not now.