Video games have become a wildly successful indulgent in nearly all corners of the globe. In 2019, the most popular video game of all, Fortnite, generated revenue of 1.8 billion dollars, and an almost similar success can be said for tens of other releases. With numerous choices out there, it is easy to get confused about the best one. Here are a couple of factors you should consider when looking to settle on a video game:


Take time to think about your interests and align them with the kind of video games you want to play. These indulgences are classified into hundreds of niches that meet a variety of entertainment needs.

If you like simple challenges that do not require too much work but are still engaging, games like Candy Crush Saga that only require you to match three or more candies on the screen, complete a level, and proceed to the next are suitable options.

On the other extreme, there are sets like Jurassic World Evolution where you need to take control of one of five islands while maintaining the peace and happiness of not only the people but also the animals. If survival is your thing, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, or Resident Evil are ideal choices.


The video game realm encompasses a wide range of options from free apps that can be downloaded to smartphones and PCs to pricey kits that demand a considerable investment. For instance, to play the FIFA video game, one will most likely have to invest in a PlayStation, Pads, and other gadgets. Look at your finances and see how much money you can spare, using an online casino paypal deposit.

The sum should be within an amount that you can comfortably spend without affecting other areas of your life. This is especially necessary if the indulgent is only for fun and does not come with any monetary gain like it would with video game reviewers.

Activity level

If the idea of sitting at your computer or TV for hours on end sounds like torture to your back, then choose video games whose gameplay offers a more active experience. This can be achieved with Virtual Reality and motion-sensing gear.

If you enjoy being a couch potato as you indulge yourself, then lean towards choices that use touchpads or keyboards for controls. Considering how active the game requires you to save you the trouble of settling on a game that falls in your chosen genre but involves too little or too much action.


The video game industry has evolved to create titles to help players achieve a wide range of goals. If you plan on using the sets mainly for entertainment, then you are the most spoilt for choice since most video games are geared towards a similar purpose. However, recently, a lot of companies have made releases that are geared towards brain nutrition as much as they are entertainment.

A fine example is Elevate, which is a brain training program whose purpose is to improve the player’s processing speed, attention, memory, writing skill, attention, and math skill, among others. Even though the game is educative, it maintains the element of fun featured in nearly all other sets.


If the video game you are considering is an application, confirm that it is available in your OS mobile store. You may be an iPhone or iPad user and find out that it is only accessible in the Google Play Store. Such bullets are easy to dodge since online games can easily be looked up at the click of a few buttons.

If they are hardware PC games, dig deep to confirm their compatibility before making a purchase. You do not want to go through the trouble of changing to a Windows platform if your preference is Mac only because your video games can only be played on the former.

Compelling hook

Even though from a distance a lot of video games appear to share a similar concept – shooting bad guys, switching candies, navigating cars, and dodging landmines – each one tells a different story from the next one. The motions conducted may be the same, but the end goal varies, which makes all the difference.

Each video game tells a story, so take time to study the plot and see which one you resonate with best. The chances are you will enjoy yourself more when playing a game with a hook whose tale you are interested in, just like in movies. The best part is that you are in control of which direction the story takes.

Weight of the challenge

The point of video games is to provide a challenge that gets you out of your comfort zone and involves your logic to find a solution. If the game is too easy to beat, you are likely to lose interest fast. On the other hand, if it is too difficult, and you end up getting nowhere after a long time, frustration kicks in, and it is kicked to the curb as well.

Find a game that provides just the right amount of challenge to keep you on your toes with difficulties while adding some fun to it. However, do not be too quick to jump off some games at the first few levels as most of them tend to be easy. The challenge kicks in as you proceed to higher levels.

Social element

Video games can be played alone or in the company of others physically or online. If you are an outgoing person that enjoys hanging out with others, opt for multiplayer game options. Some games allow as many as eight players at a go, and with that many people, gameday can transition into a competitive party.

If you are more of a loner, choose games that need only one player. If you like competing with real players but would like to do so in your own company, lean towards games that have online multiplayer functions. This element is easy to find in games thanks to the widespread use of the internet.


Video games can be a delightful experience if the right set is selected. During the choosing process, sample a range of games to avoid writing off a game that could be within your interests.