Challenge Coins

Are you searching for a perfect gift to your loved one? Do you want to honor a group of people for their accomplishments? Or perhaps you want to celebrate a momentous occasion with a unique token?

Perhaps custom made challenge coins are what you are looking for.

Custom challenge coins boast of rich history. The great Roman Empire used to give portrait medals to commemorate special events. Others trace the history of the modern-day coins to World War I.

Today, these coins serve numerous purposes. Some even use them as instruments of protest.

Nevertheless, these coins make excellent gift ideas. Continue reading below as we discuss the reasons why custom challenge coins are worth giving your loved ones.

Reasons to Give Custom Made Challenge Coins

As we mentioned earlier, people give custom made challenge coins for different reasons. What is good about these coins is you can customize them to match a certain theme. Military challenge coins are perfect examples.

But what really makes these coins special? Let’s take a look at the reasons why they are excellent gift ideas for various occasions.

1. They Boost Your Pride

First, custom challenge coins help boost pride. Do you run your own business? Do you want to reward an employee for his exceptional work?

Apart from the monetary incentives, you can also give him a challenge coin. Giving the coin will certainly increase the pride of your staff. He will feel good that his efforts are making an indelible impact on your company.

Moreover, it will motivate him to strive harder. It will also inspire others to follow his footsteps. Keep in mind that a challenge coin is something you don’t easily award to someone.

If your people aim for their own coin, giving it to someone will motivate them to work harder. Obtaining the coin will make them proud of their efforts.

2. They Boost Your Morale

Similar to boosting people’s pride, challenge coins also help boost people’s morale. When you honor someone for their efforts, you are naturally boosting their morale.

Owning a special coin will make boost your self-esteem. It lifts your self-confidence. It inspires you to take on new challenges.

3. They Foster Teamwork

Another reason challenge coins are excellent gifts is their ability to foster a sense of teamwork. In a corporate setup, you can hand out coins to your top performers. But the coin doesn’t stop in a single person.

When another person in the team performs remarkably, he can have possession of the coin. Since they are working to reach the same goal, everyone will strive to earn the honor of handling the coin.

This fosters camaraderie among employees. It helps build your people’s character as they strive to achieve common goals and targets.

4. They Embody a Story

If you have a family member who belongs in the military, you can gift him with a challenge coin to celebrate his career. For every pin or star that he adds to his uniform, you can give him a corresponding challenge coin.

By the time he retires from service, he can showcase the coins. He can use them to tell the story of his illustrious career.

5. They Immortalize Milestones

Lastly, you can immortalize milestones by gifting challenge coins. Instead of giving out traditional “thank you” gifts for your wedding, why not give out coins to commemorate the joyous day?

You can also give out coins to announce the birth of a new child. The same thing goes for celebrating the graduation of a child. Give the student a custom coin, and he will treasure it for the rest of his life.

Choosing the Right Source

Since custom coins are special gifts, you need to make sure you are getting them from the right sources. Here are some valuable tips that will help you find the right source for your coins.

1. Reputation Counts

First, you need to check the reputation and track record of the coin manufacturer. There are several companies that offer custom coins. Though it is easy to close your eyes and pick randomly from the bunch, you should never do so.

Instead, go for a manufacturer with a solid reputation. These are companies that cater to a wide range of customers. They are capable of providing coins for clients from the military, business sector, and various industries.

Take time to do your research and due diligence. Look at the feedback they receive from their customers. Take note of the ones that offer sterling testimonials.

In addition, don’t automatically settle for the cheapest offer.

2. Coin Quality

Apart from the manufacturer’s background, you also need to look into the quality of the coins. You want your coins to last for years. If they are to document the owner’s accomplishments, they need to outlast them ideally.

Furthermore, go for a source that offers superior craftsmanship. You want your custom details to pop out. You want your coin to represent the message with remarkable precision.

3. Flexibility

Last but not least, go for a manufacturer that offers flexibility. This means having several options in terms of finishes. They should also be open to work within your budget.

A good manufacturer will give you a coin that embodies your specifications. They will not go over your budget. A reputable source will never compromise quality even if they are working under a tight budget.

In addition, a flexible provider will give you the power to choose between hard and soft enamel. If you want smooth and shiny coins, go for the hard enamel process. If you want something that enhances your design, the soft enamel process will work best.

Expand Your Gift Ideas

Custom challenge coins are excellent gift options. With the right materials and process, the coins can immortalize a person’s achievements. Custom made challenge coins can serve as mementos that the next generation can cherish.

For more gift ideas, we invite you to check our other blog posts. We discuss feature different items and ideas that you can use to show how special your loved ones are.