Games have been a huge part of our existence since ancient times. We all enjoy playing games in our spare time as a means of unwinding, decompressing, relaxing, practicing a new hobby, or staying entertained. Games relax our minds and let our imagination run wild. We picture ourselves driving fast cars or slaying dragons, and we get lost in endless hours of fun. The sense of achievement we get when we win a game of poker or a video game is also one of the reasons why we keep playing games.

Accordingly, the gaming industry continues to give us more interesting choices to try. The projections for the upcoming five decades are looking more interesting than ever.

Impressive Industry Changes Over the Years

The industry has come a very long way from the primitive Mario release. War of Warcraft, GTA, and Counter-Strike are just a few of the games that have recorded a mind-blowing success, and they continue to captivate the time and imagination of millions of players all around the world. The video gaming industry alone was worth $135 billion in 2018, according to a Newzoo projection, and it continues to grow as we speak. The amazing technology advents in the last 10 years have led to gaming developers taking advantage of high GPU performance and HD displays to create even more immersive experiences for players.

The Initiation of the Virtual Reality Era

Virtual Reality has definitely caught the eyes of some of the biggest game developers on the planet. Everyone wants to incorporate this new and mesmerizing technology into their releases. Can you imagine riding a carousel in a VR enabled park from the comfort of your own home?

Two Bit Circus is a fresh LA startup that promises to launch a unique Virtual Reality based amusement park. Their highlights are instant ride updates that can be controlled by players and fully immersive experience. They are not the only ones interested in offering passionate players thirsty for newer, better, and greater gaming experiences. Intel and other technology giants also plan to release virtual tours and advanced exploration apps and games.

For the year 2022, the gaming industry has some even more exciting projections. The attention will fall on further improving the practices used by developers to create their new games, as well as enhanced user interaction for players who will get more involved in the fate of the characters within the game. Think in terms of the latest Black Mirror movie released by Netflix, where viewers can choose one of 5 different endings. Their previous interactive projects targeted a younger audience in the past. However, the Bandersnatch project created a real craze in the world of adults passionate about interactive high-tech movie scenarios. As the public watch the movie, they can make a few choices, big or apparently insignificant, all of which ultimately change the course of the movie and its ending.

Gamers will, therefore, focus more on reshaping their creations in such a way that they can easily accommodate changing scenarios. Gaming hardware is also expected to change, with universal game controls that can be used for a variety of games. It is also very likely for entertainment media services to start introducing players to all of their gaming options in a more suitable environment, given the huge numbers of new releases that most players would know nothing about otherwise. People who love to engage in thrilling casino games for real money will love to find out what are the freshest casinos and games they can test via a single platform incorporating all of them.

The Internet of Experience In 2030

Free interaction, advanced technology, and experiential media seem to be the highlights for the year 2030. Experts believe the objects that belong to the virtual world will leap into our homes with the help of multi-sensory simulation that will be possible with the help of gaming accessories. We already have the excellent 3D gaming options we still wow at, but can you imagine seeing virtual cars, poker cards or trees inside your home? Expect improved user experience, and immersive experiences like you have never even thought possible. It will be a true challenge for gaming developers to reach these high levels of virtual interaction, but we are sure the biggest names in the industry should not have a problem figuring out how to incorporate all of their ideas into their future releases. After all, they will have a whole decade to do it.

Better Augmented Reality In 2060

It may seem like a far-far away time to even think of, but gaming industry specialists tell us we can expect a few mind-blowing surprises. We are mainly talking about Augmented Reality technologies that are expected to become a lot more realistic by 2060. With just a relatively simple gaming console, players should get ready to turn their surroundings into a genuine battlefield or casino room.

With the help of touch-surface games, players will get to enjoy holographic projections and even prepare for multi-player gameplay modes so they will be able to enjoy the experience together with their friends.

We are looking forward to seeing all of these changes happening and cannot wait to see what else the future of gaming holds for us. In the meanwhile, we have plenty of amazing games to play and new experiences to test, so we can all try to anticipate the future while living in the moment.