Military guys are thought to be daring and self-disciplined which is exclusively shown in their military haircuts. They wear these haircuts both when they are on duty and off-duty.

Most of the military haircuts are trimmed to a shorter length and therefore are ridiculously effortless to keep. The length is usually retained to a maximum of three inches. Even with the regular appearance of varying high and tight hairstyles, they are still very dominant among military men, many of them choosing to wear them as their preferred haircuts. Here are some military haircut styles that will never go out of fashion.

The Burr Haircut.

If you are looking for a cute bald style, but you are not interested in cutting your manes to clean skin, then you should consider a burr cut. In most cases, the hair in this cut is maintained less than an eighth of an inch in length which you can easily achieve by use of a hair clipper. However, if you need an excellent result don’t DIY. Always let your barber do it for you, so the final style is perfectly organised.

The Crew Hairstyle.

It is a straightforward military haircut that many consider as so conventional when compared with the rest of military haircuts. To achieve this look, the hair is trimmed to at most two inches. However, the hair at the front is cut with extra length so you have hair length you can brush as part of routine makeup.

The manes at the nape and on the sides is maintained short, and you can taper them so to get a final style with some outline particularly on the front.

The Regulation Cut.

It is among the oldest military cuts, and it is styled on longer hair since it doesn’t need a lot of cutting. The hair on the crown is separated on the sides so to show the hairline from the forehead to the nape of the head.

The hair at the back and that at the sides is tapered until it connects to the skin. In most cases, the manes at the top are trimmed using a scissor, and then that on all sides and the back is tapered using a clipper.

A Flat Top Style.

This hairstyle is suitable for guys with straight hair since the final style usually shows off the top portion of the manes which is flat. The manes at the crown is usually cut to low length so when you brush it, it stays flat.

And to make sure that the levelled top is well revealed, the hair at the sides and back is faded depending on how you need it done.

The Induction Cut.

This list of military haircuts cannot be complete without the induction haircut. It is a military hairstyle that army men shave on the reporting day in the camp. Its title is appropriate since it is presented to all army men on the first assembly during induction at the boot camp.

This haircut is straightforward. It is almost a bald style. To achieve this haircut, you need to use a standard hair clipper without guard so that you come up with the finest cut as possible. The outcome is stubble-like touch. This might not be a very appealing haircut for many, but it is effective and efficient for the reason it is needed for.

The High and Tight Haircut

This hairstyle for army men is a common military specific haircut. To achieve it, you should use low guard clippers to cut the hair on the sides to not more than an inch long.

This haircut doesn’t include tapering of the hair at the low sides and top of your head. It is an awesome hairstyle that can rock the right person. Nevertheless, if you don’t style it right, the final look can be ugly. So, ask your barber whether it is the right cut for you before selecting it.